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  1. Why would WJZY carry it? The article clearly states that Fox O&O and WCCB are carrying it, not Nexstar, and Fox sold WJZY/WMYT four years ago.
  2. Some stations (actually many stations) air morning news through 11am so I could see them only airing an hour of it.
  3. Fox and Scripps seem like an odd fit anyway. Would Scripps even want Fox?
  4. Cox isn’t mentioned, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that WSOC/WAXN won’t reup.
  5. KDKA Pittsburgh does that with the CBS Evening News.
  6. I’d like to see Good Morning Football on WJZY at 10am, sandwiched between the morning and midday news, with the game show block moved to the afternoon so it doesn’t have to compete with LMAD and TPIR anymore. I mean they are the official station of the Panthers so it makes sense. I guess the way people are talking this appears headed to the beta stations though so make that WMYT. Would still make sense.
  7. WBTV statement on Molly Grantham https://www.wbtv.com/2024/03/08/wbtv-statement-molly-grantham/ I hated how it went down. It appeared they might have had some sort of going away party for her off camera according to some pictures I saw last night on Facebook but she certainly deserved an on camera sendoff.
  8. Splitting off this thread was long overdue
  9. If that’s the case either The Talk is cut to a half hour, Y&R is cut to a half hour, or Y&R and B&B each move a half hour later and 12:30 returned to affiliates and the Talk cancelled.
  10. Or it could replace The Talk. Maybe CBS returns 12:30 to affiliates and moves Y&R to 1 and B&B to 2 and puts the new soap at 2:30 (if it’s 30 minutes). If it’s an hour it would likely just go right in at 2 ET.
  11. Molly Grantham leaving WBTV and TV (will remain in Charlotte).
  12. Maybe CBS does similar to NBC News Daily and schedules it at 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, and 3:30 ET for each continental time zone. That would allow for CT to keep their noon news without the new CBS Daytime News being delayed and Y&R could stay at 11am CT.
  13. Moved to P+ is not the same as cancelled outright but yeah. I thought the same. Maybe Y&R moves to 1 and CBS turns 12:30-1 over to affiliates or starts a “CBS Daytime News”.
  14. Bad news for those calling for Y&R to get cancelled.
  15. I think Nightline could expand to an hour if Kimmel was not replaced.
  16. Just read about that on Discord and came to see if you had posted. WKMG has made a lot of changes this season.
  17. Old news….but apparently it had not been posted in this thread.
  18. Yeah they are stuck in the 50s.
  19. Why wouldn’t the CW have it on Memorial Day weekend? EDIT: Oh I see. They wouldn’t televise Indy. And yes. NBC feeds WTHR that night’s primetime lineup while the race is being broadcast to the rest of the country (noon-4pm Eastern). ABC did the same for WRTV I believe.
  20. If WSOC/WAXN get it it will probably air at 4 on WSOC and the 4:00 Feud could move to WAXN. If WJZY/WMYT get it, it might have to go to 2pm on WJZY or 4pm on WMYT if there’s a head to head rule because WCNC has Judge Judy at 3.
  21. Interesting. Well, WCNC doesn’t have room for it anyway unless Tegna ditched Daily Blast Live.
  22. Comics Unleashed has been syndicated on some of the O&O’s for a while. But that wouldn’t have been a bad idea to only have After Midnight run for 30 minutes like the original and then kept a run of Comics Unleashed at 1:07.
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