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"Verifiable Content" Policy Change

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Hello everyone,


I am currently drafting up a statement regarding several ongoing issues involving our community. I am hoping to have this out early this coming week. There are several topics I wish to address, and I want to make sure I give myself the time to address them completely and fully.


While I was working on that document, some new problems presented themselves. These issues require more immediate action, and that is what I am doing here. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, YOU MAY NOT SHARE CONTENT ON TVNEWSTALK.NET THAT HAS NOT BEEN POSTED IN A PUBLIC, OPEN MANNER. This includes but is not limited to materials with sources like “I got it from a friend” or “It was on a Vimeo account that took it down” or “it’s actually on a public unlocked hidden page on Company X’s network.” I don’t care where it came from, if you can’t link to it directly, from a verifiable source, it is not allowed. This includes YouTube re-uploads of this same content by third parties.


This is a direct response to the situation revolving around the new CBS O&O Graphics package. It has come to my attention that some of these "leaks" may have been illegally obtained, and are being distributed by people who are desperately seeking attention from this community. I will not let TVNewsTalk play a part in their destructive behavior. The "leak culture" that has developed in our community is extremely toxic, and I cannot let it continue any further. There is nothing to be gained from leaking "insider" information, and violating the intellectual property rights of major corporations for a shot at "fame" in the TV News fan community is not worth the possible legal ramifications.


We already have rules against "unverifiable content", and that is what I am directing our Moderators to enforce this policy under. As stated in the Guidelines, first offenses for violating these policies will result in a warning with no action taken against your account. Continued violations of these rules will result in further penalties as appropriate.


In the coming weeks, I will be revising and reformatting our Site Guidelines to incorporate this and other policy changes.




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A short FAQ to clarify the new policy:


What about content posted publicly to sites like Vimeo?

It's been well documented that some stations use Vimeo to distribute materials for internal and external review. Discretion should be taken in sharing content from these sources,  especially if the video has a name that is clearly not intended to be public ("WXXX_10PM_OPEN-DRAFT" would indicate that it may not have been intentionally made public, while "WXXX 2022 Graphics Reel" would.) If the video is public, it is fair game, though discouraged. Ultimately, if the original video is removed, unlisted, or made private, then it should no longer be shared on TVNT in any form. Please know that posting something that is later removed from the public eye would NOT result in a warning being issued to your account.


What about content posted to sites like FTVLive or NewscastStudio?

FTVLive and NewscastStudio are generally reputable industry news sources that are read by industry members. FTVLive frequently reports on "insider" information, however it is often information that deserves scrutiny, and provides an important view of the current state of the industry.  NewscastStudio has contacts within networks and creative companies, therefore it would be highly unlikely for them to traffic in ill-gotten "leaks". These are both considered a "verifiable source".


What about things like the NBC Studio 3B remodel, or WPIX/NewsNation studios? Aren't those "leaks"?

These are publicly-available documents that were obtained through the New York City Department of Buildings. NBC and WPIX are in buildings with a Historic designation, thus any renovations that take place must pass a Historic Review process to make sure that they are not drastically altering the building's historical features. As the City puts it: "[Historical designation] means your building has special historical, cultural, or aesthetic value to the City of New York, state or nation, is an important part of the City's heritage and that [the Landmark Preservation Committee] must approve in advance any alteration, reconstruction, demolition, or new construction affecting the designated building." Both NBC and Nexstar are aware that their facilities have Historical designation, and that any plans they submit to the City will be made available for public review (this is explicitly specified on the FAQ for the process) as it is in the public's best interest to see how their cultural assets are being modified.


In some cases, municipalities may release plan sets for new construction for public review as well. These would also be allowed as they are publicly available documents.


What about content posted by the creator (Graphic design studios/composers/etc) themselves?

This kind of material would be OK, though it falls along the same lines as the first question about sites like Vimeo. 


Is it OK to share information like networks giving stations a "stand by" for a Special Report? Or contingency plans for live coverage?
Given the way this information is disseminated, I don't consider it "insider" information. It is sent out to every station, and in the case of Special Reports, often blasted out of a "Squawk Box" in the newsroom, something that could be heard by anyone, not just station employees, passing through. It is not OK to link to the sources of this information if it is on an "internal" website, regardless of how secure it is.


Please feel free to leave any more questions below.


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So I'm still confused about the The Other Site posting on here... We have to post the links as http://theothersite.blahblahblah but it's okay to blatently show their videos in posts, with their logo, name, etc... can this be clarified please/? 

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