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New WGAL set coming THIS Tuesday!


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After over 11 and a half years, WGAL is about to say goodbye to Studio B. New set makes its premiere on Tuesday afternoon. I wonder if this is Studio A. Not sure. But … finally!



— Matt

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Today was the day and the new WGAL Studio A made it's premiere on the Noon newscast.  It is a 50 foot by 50 foot set, bigger than previous Studio B and it's just beautiful.  Hats off to Hearst for making a great investment in WGAL.

Here is a link to the new set including time-lapse video the construction, that took about 3 months.




-- Matt

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1 hour ago, MichiganNewsGraphicsJunkie said:

Looks so nice!! I'm happy for you, as I know you've been wanting this FOREVER!! :)


Yes, it does look nice.  And yes, I've been waiting forever for it.  Haha.  The time-lapse video is something else.  Two months of construction ... 1 month of tweaks and getting it just right ... and they kept it a secret to about 48 hours from go time.  There is only a handful of stations where a secret can be kept like that and silent.  


-- Matt

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