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International Video Thread

Guest newscentre_australia

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Aussiebeachut has uploaded a video that does a nice job illustrating an interesting affiliation switch in Australia. A few posts above, we saw a clip of QTV in Queensland with a Nine Network-style local news open:


QTV, Queensland, 1990 (promo and news open):



QTV was about to become the Nine affiliate throughout regional Queensland as part of the process called "aggregation." At the last minute, however, the owners of WIN Television (essentially a large station group consisting mostly of Nine affiliates) bought a competing station, which became a Nine affiliate instead. QTV was therefore forced to link up with the third-ranked Ten Network.


Here's a clip from the following year, with QTV now using a Ten-style news open and the name QTV Eyewitness News:




BTW, note that the Ten Network opens were based in part on the CBS Evening News open of that time.

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Wow. That's rocking!


That's the "cleanest" start of that open I've ever seen. A full second or so of grey dots before anything happens. Also, a rare "no voiced-over" open. Only in the Gulf War did that happen on TEN-10.


The only thing that's slightly off about it is the way the titles "QTV Eyewitness News" appear on screen exactly simultaneously. It's noticably less stylistic than the network opens, of that brand.


Also, a little odd how they fade from the open to the headlines.


But nice work from a small-town station. Nice set. Nicely dressed anchors (which is not always a given on country stations!). Exact same OTS's as Ten Sydney.

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Here's a nicecompilation of National Nine News opens from various markets (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, national):




As you may be able to tell from their different opens, NWS9 Adelaide and STW9 Perth are Nine affiliates, while the others are O&Os.

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Staying in Australia, here's a wonderful 1979 clip of MTN9 Griffith with local news, ads, promos, etc.:



And here's GMV6 in Shepparton from 1981:



Something more recent (2006)... the first edition of WIN News for Western Australia, which had been WIN TV's only market without local news:



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ITV, UK, 1999 (open):



ZDF, Germany, 2006 (open):



Antena 3, Spain (current open -- clean):



Antena 3, Spain, 1992 (newsbreak):



Antena 3, Spain, 1992 (close):



Antena 3, Spain, 2001 (open -- one of my all-time favorite sets):



Telecinco, Spain, 2006 (Catalan elections open):



Telecinco, Spain, 2003 (open):



RCTV, Venezuela, 1995 (open):


RCTV, Venezuela, 1996 (opon w/ a whistling anchor):


Venevision, Venezuela, 1999 (open):


Venevision, Venezuela, 1991 (open):


SBT, Brazil, 2006 (close):



SBT, Brazil, 2007 (open):



SBT, Brazil, 2006 (open):


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I think this does count as an international video, but here's former ITN/ITV News anchor Trevor McDonald dancing at some business function:


What's next, cell phone video of Peter Mansbridge and Lloyd Robertson doing karaoke?


Jonathan Allen

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Guest newscentre_australia

Here's some videos from me. ;D TV Patrol from 2003-2004. The intro I have posted on these forums before, but the ending/weather segment is a first. Interesting to note that they use some sort of AccuWeather based system, as Ernie (the weatherman) mentions the words "AccuWeather".


Intro Video:





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Guest newscentre_australia

After more than 20 years after ABC used "Still The One", Nine Network are still updating and using it...



Here's TVW7 Perth's opener before 2004.


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RTL, Germany, December 2006:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGTIAUDF7D8 (weekend open)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNk76cug_Uo (news flash; sounds like they were covering Saddam's execution)

- Seems they're using a new version of Power News.


TVB, Hong Kong, 1993 (English weather forecast):



TVB, Hong Kong, 2006 (English weather forecast):


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YouTube user sklyros has uploaded a whole bunch of wonderful clips from across Europe.


Let's begin with two that feature American music...


RTL, Germany, 1994 (w/ Gari's News Line):



RTL, Germany, 2002 (w/ Non-Stop's Power News):



...and here are the rest...


ZDF, Germany, 1992:



ZDF, Germany, 1994:



ZDF, Germany, 2002:



SAT.1, Germany, 1992 (Guten Abend Deutschland / Good Evening Germany):



SAT.1, Germany, 1992 (SAT.1 News):



SAT.1, Germany, early 2000s:



TRT, Turkey, 1992:



TRT, Turkey, 1994:



TRT, Turkey, 1996:



RTL, Netherlands, 1996:



ET1, Greece, 1996:



ET1, Greece, 2002:



RTP, Portugal, 1990s?:



Raidue, Italy, 1992:



ARD, Germany, 1993:



TSI, Switzerland (Italian part), 1994:



TSI, Switzerland (Italian part), 1992:



Soviet TV news ("Vremya") from the Gorbachev era -- compare it to the pre-Gorbachev clip earlier in this thread:



RTL, Germany, 1992:



RTL, Germany, 1993:



TMC, Italy (based in Monte Carlo), 1991:


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Channel 5, Singapore, May 2007:

("News 5 Tonight" - English newscast open)


Channel 8, Singapore, May 2007:

("Channel 8 News at Ten" - Mandarin newscast open)
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A major weather system hit Alberta, inflicting severe thunderstorms all across the province, including the city of Calgary on June 5th. Here is just some of the coverage from Global Calgary (CICT-TV).


News Hour Final (June 5 - the night of the storm)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfpJoVqL9eg - Part 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WF1HMl6pXNI - Part 2


News Hour (June 6 - the day after)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTcm9va14c8 - Part 1, 1st half

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnIOtwUUvpE - Part 1, 2nd half

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5fK76dbP50 - Part 2

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=229zecODKio - Part 3



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The open to CTV National News from May 15, 2007:


If I were you, I would use KeepVid to download it RIGHT NOW before it gets "the message" (you know, the "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by CTV Inc." message)!!


UPDATE: It's still there!


Jonathan Allen

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TEN10 Sydney, 1979:

A 3-minute recording; the last 10 seconds feature an incomplete open to Eyewitness News, complete with "Move Closer".


NTD8 Darwin, 1996:


Customized version of Nine Network's ident and news open (w/ Cool Hand Luke).


TVB Hong Kong, 1982:


Open to News at 9.30.


Also, TVB's station sign-off from around the early 80s (the black-and-white film's probably an old film from the 50s); they actually played God Save the Queen and showed a picture of QE2. I think they quit doing that long before the handover.


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