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  1. Gray has an "agreement in principle" to renew its affiliation deal with NBC in all 56 markets.
  2. When Fave first started a couple of years back, it was airing lots of 90s comedies like the Wayans' Bros. Was unaware of the slight shift of format.
  3. Some of those already had a "non-network" logo on the website header, prior to the latest purge.
  4. The paperwork is up. Purchase Price: $18.1M.
  5. There isn't an active transaction involving those stations. At least not yet....
  6. Is that Arial I see? Hope this is a test and not made it on the air.
  7. WCBS actually had The People's Court at 4pm before Judy's return to Channel 2 in 2006 (after 7 years on WNBC). Before that newscast ended completely in 2003, it was truncated to a half-hour at 4:30pm. Filling that first half hour in Jan. 2002 was the Weakest Link. And that got replaced the following fall by Millionaire.
  8. The deal is now closed. Consummated on Friday (12/1).
  9. That image campaign (on the 3:00 mark on the reel) came from the launch of WPDS-TV 59 (now WXIN) in 1984.
  10. Another departure. This time in Houston. Longtime KPRC host & meteorologist Khambrel Marshall is retiring after 24 years at the station. And nearly five decades in the business. His last day will be on December 13.
  11. The new logo on the bug has been used since August. But you only see this version for online videos after it airs.
  12. TVNewsCheck did a write-up about the recent changes.
  13. Two R&Os. One NPRM. NPRM: KECI (20 > 21) R&O: KIFI (8 > 18) KWNV (7 > 16)
  14. To be fair, the OP posted this prior to the knowledge that it would be produced out of WCBS.
  15. Channel 5 is going to simulcast four live Friday games from NBC Sports Chicago. WMAQ will air two Bulls games in November (3rd & 17th), and two Blackhawks games in December (22nd & 29th).
  16. Sinclair has renew its affil deal with CBS in all 23 markets.
  17. Maurice has filled in on Evening many times. This is nothing new.
  18. I think you didn't see it on the last page.
  19. Big follow up. Twenty-nine months since filing the petition, the FCC just greenlighted KTNV's move from VHF 13 to 26. And they've also subsequently denied King Kong's opposition & counter-proposal. This was why the process was held up all this time. Now King Kong (owner of KGNG-LD) have no other choice but to vacate off of 26. ____________________________ Four More R&Os from the new NCE allotments, plus an existing one switching. Ch. 2 - Colusa, CA (10/16) Ch. 3 - Tulare, CA (10/16) Ch. 4 - Alamagordo, NM (10/20) KDIN (11 > 34) (11/1) Ch. 4 - Jacksonville, OR (12/5)
  20. Isn't that Fox 29's weather branding? IIRC, WNYW used that branding back in the early 2000s. And used it for a while.
  21. Bill Ritter is anchoring the 11pm this Saturday with Chantee Lans.
  22. One R&O. One NPRM. R&O: WKNX (7 > 21) NPRM: Weigel's Ch. 31 WI allotment (Wittenberg > Shawano)
  23. Scripps no longer operates the station, after the Marquee acquisition.
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