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  1. I don’t go to the games often. They were using the Tegna transitions. Not specifically the weather graphics. I would only assume the full graphics package is coming.
  2. WTHR is using the Tegna graphics for weather cut-ins at Pacers games.
  3. Huntsville is about 20 miles closer to Chattanooga than Knoxville is to Chattanooga. I know all of the Huntsville stations sent crews to Chattanooga for the 2016 school bus crash. As it was also mentioned above parts of Northeast Alabama can easily access Chattanooga stations much easier than they can Huntsville (despite it being in the HSV DMA).
  4. If it’s big enough Huntsville will go.
  5. Let’s see if that happens tonight. I think that was an OH F! moment and somebody didn’t change the template in ENPS.
  6. Master Control for KASW and WSFL goes live in Indy on Monday.
  7. They’ve traditionally made big changes in December. They debuted their current set in December 2014.
  8. It was. They knew they were moving about the middle of last year. They’re current building is in a really bad part of town.
  9. I was watching WFAA's stream here at work, then they abruptly wrapped. It was very weird.
  10. KIVI launched a different virtual set on Monday.
  11. Well, this just aired on WTHR. It was accompanied by SAM's "Everywhere I Go."
  12. My local station has had them for about 6-8 months.
  13. I haven’t heard of new music. I would say that Inergy since pretty well used across by non-Scripps shops, they’d be pretty inclined to get a new package. Also, personally every station I’ve worked at has used Inergy and I’m tired of hearing it.
  14. I learned that the CSD’s have been shown the new package at a recent meeting. Apparently some of them tried to take pictures and they were made to delete them. Still no estimated launch date.
  15. It's not much, but here's the last frame of the open. From this story.
  16. We've been told to expect a new package around November sweeps. Last year our managers were given music samples to chose from. But, I fully think corporate will wait until they finish with the Tribune acquisitions. Maybe, we'll be surprised.
  17. It appears that some of the legacy Gray stations are now on NewsOn. WKYT, WNDU, and KWTX to just name a few.
  18. Agreed. I am happy that Gray is letting stations have control (for the most part) of their look.
  19. Indy is not the most stable of places these days either. With the WTHR sale, WRTV becomes the only station not seeing a owner change in the near future.
  20. Typically no. However, some contracts say you can't work 75 miles (example number) from the station's transmitter or studio.
  21. CTM doesn’t roll off the tongue like GMA.
  22. The open most likely is ran out of the Chryon / VizRT / Ross XPression, whichever they use. It would allow the date to be changed without having to pre-render the open everyday (which would get annoying super fast).
  23. It doesn’t matter if the newscast is number 1. It is still adding dollars to the pocketbook.
  24. The Limerick package is becoming dated. So many stations have mutilated it, it’s not funny. I just hope some of the in house station artists don’t design packages. Some of their work is BAD.
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