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  1. Those were huge lower thirds, especially with the large pink background behind the KOVR 13 NEWS text. I've tried looking for clips on YouTube with that branding, but have had no success. It was super short lived.
  2. KCRA's knockoff (not sure who designed/fabricated it) of the NBC Nightly News set back in the mid to late 80s. They also used brownish light gels instead of the blue on only the 6:30pm show to turn the set to a tan color to match NBC Nightly that ran at 6pm.
  3. Just a couple of more for the heck of it... WCTV below and KTXL above
  4. Thanks for the reply Metrodonmartin! I remember seeing KOVR debut the set above in April of '87 (or '86.. my old timer memory escapes me at the moment) and thought it was a huge step up for them at the time. But the desk was a leftover from their prior chromakey set; they must've been too cheap to get a new one fabricated to match the new set. Lol
  5. Of course the gray/tan set with wood and blue accents was the "in thing" in the 1980s. (WJW and KOVR nearly identical sets above, obviously done by the same firm). I'm just curious if anybody knows what companies did designs/fabrication in that era and if they're still around?
  6. Mendonsa and Schornack are a great anchor team.... but this crapola format totally doesn't work for them. She's faking it too much; especially on the 11pm show by herself and he just looks out of his element trying to be hip with a sport coat sans tie. Get a new set in the studio and bring back some experienced reporters and hard news coverage. Some of these "reporters" they have now look like kids... literally like right out of the high school yearbook class. It's pretty hard to take them seriously when they talk to grampa Schornack and mama Mendonsa on camera. Lol
  7. I watched this train wreck Friday night 10/21 called "Late News Tonight". (Disclaimer: I haven't watched KXTV in like forever) Looks as if they ditched the studio for the remodeled newsroom (pardon me, "Information Center" lol) and Mendonsa was anchoring by herself. Some anchor segments looked pre-recorded and a severely disjointed moment came when there was a breaking news segment about comedian Kevin Meaney's death and they tossed to a .com desk. They jumped to a commercial break just as the .com anchorette (who also can't read a tweet worth a damn; she butchered it) was about finish up on Meaneys death. Looked like automation gone awry. The opening they use doesn't even use local shots of the Sacramento area, it all looks like stock photos of some other cities skyline and freeways. It looks hilarious. So bad that I think the average viewer will actually notice it! I bailed out after about ten minutes into it... it seemed like I wasn't getting any of the important news of the day. All fluff and BS.
  8. KCRA has been #1 in Sacramento by a monolithic margin since like the 1950s. There's no way Tegna will put a dent in that no matter what they do. I'm pretty sure if KXTV would run Andy Griffith and Leave it to Beaver reruns at 5, 6 and 11 instead of news they'd pull in better numbers.
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