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  1. KOVR in Sacramento in 1991, 1996 and 2002. I'm posting this because it was a big time missed opportunity. The station just moved into this new facility about a year prior. A pretty spacious newsroom with adjoining studio. This set-up could've been executed soooo much better... It just looked so haphazardly cobbled together, especially in that first pic from 1991. For a very short time, it had horizontal blinds separating the studio and the newsroom, which made it actually look worse. The last pic from 2002 is probably the best that particular set/newsroom looked. It had various refreshes over the years until CBS took over the station from Sinclair in 2005 and gutted the place. 1991- I'm pretty sure these '91 newscasts were shot with ancient Philips studio cameras that were brought over from the old Arden Way facility. The picture quality was awful. Paul Joncich and Toni Chapell look like they have jaundice. Some RCA TK47s would've been better. 1996 2002
  2. You're not the only one, the font was more distinctive and stood out a little more. I'm still not a fan of the peacock logo without the white border next to the NBC NEWS text, but peacock in the background still has it. lol
  3. 6A would be the best bet. Lease out 8G to another production when Seth is wrapped. Clark's show really doesn't need the excess square footage that it's taking up at Universal right now. The plan to move the show to New York sounds like an economic plan to free up some soundstage space at Universal for movie/tv productions that are willing to pay more $$$ to use it. Also keep in mind that the summer Olympics will be held in Los Angeles in 2028... that Universal space will be needed badly. If NBC doesn't use it in 2028, they'll gladly charge a pretty penny if a foreign broadcaster needs the space.
  4. Korman: Scarlet... I love you... That.. that.. that gown is gorgeous! Burnett: Thank you... I saw it in the window and I just couldn't resist it. CLASSIC CBS Television City moment right there.
  5. I've lived in California 40+ years and it's hilarious to hear the term 'FIRST ALERT ACTION DAY' on some rainy days... So much so, that I actually laugh out loud at the TV. What actions am I supposed to take? Make sure the car windows are rolled up because of the drizzle? Granted, there can be snowy conditions in higher elevations... But nothing that requires immediate 'action' of some sort. California is not hurricane/tornado territory and the 'FIRST ALERT ACTION DAY' terminology screams as if some clueless idiot from corporate back east came up with it. It just doesn't fit in this part of the world. And don't get me started on the term "atmospheric river". It sounds like I'll need a lifeboat if I'm gonna go skydiving or something. SMH. They're called storms... and used to be referred to as a line of storms. So tired of these gimmicky terms trying to sell me a forecast that I can instead bring up on my phone in half a second.
  6. Disney/ABC will probably not even give a fat Mickey rat's behind about this and it will definitely blow over in a few days. Management will probably meet with Holmes & Robach and tell them to keep it professional in office and on air & that's it. (I actually think GMA3 should be renamed "GMA3: Holmes & Robach" now that I type that out... it has a nice ring to it. lol) The Mouse won't make a public statement because they won't want to draw more attention to it. People will forget about it within a week; the everyday news cycle will bury it.
  7. Never trust a guy who combs it forward.
  8. I like everything about these changes; when do we get a new anchor to go with all of this?
  9. The same set with some changes was also used for KXTV's pay-to-play show 'Your California Life' a while back. Cheap bastards.
  10. It was very homey... So much so, that back in the summer of '89, I took a nap on that couch on the left. The powers that be did not like that.
  11. RCA TK47

    In Memoriam

    Will Heryford, KCRA photojournalist of 42 years has passed away unexpectedly. A great photographer and a great storyteller. RIP. https://www.kcra.com/article/kcrakqca-staff-remember-photojournalist-will-heryford/38176127
  12. Some May 1987 KOVR 13 NEWS promos (8:55) with anchor Dan Gray supposedly explaining why he moved to California and KOVR's GM Ed Pfeiffer asking viewers for feedback on how to make the then ABC affiliate better station. I remember seeing these when KOVR originally aired them way back when 34 years ago and thinking to myself "This will never work". This look didn't last long at KOVR... Neither did Dan Gray. Although I think Gray was a pretty good catch for them though. I still think he and Jennifer Whitney might've been able to right the ship there at KOVR a little bit if they were given some more time. P.S. And a brief Rush Limbaugh cameo on the right @ 9:31.
  13. This is totally true. Here we are in an era where we now have access to screens that have huge capabilities for resolution, gradients, color, etc. and designers these days are flattening everything out for some bizarre reason. They're not using the medium to it's fullest potential. It seems like most station groups are falling victim to the blue banner/white letter syndrome. I'm not saying for designers to make things look gaudy; I'm saying there needs to be more creativity to differentiate stations/station groups. Stations need to have more of an individual "visual personality".
  14. That third line seems kind of redundant and overkill.... get rid of it. On the second line, "CA GOV SURVIVES RECALL" would've been just fine. I don't understand why these shows make more work for themselves. lol
  15. I also watched it on Monday... Right off the bat before bringing the contestants out, Jay does his little "Headlines" bit from 'The Tonight Show'. I sat there and thought to myself, "Ummm... okay... this is awkward." The guy won't ever give up his late night shtick.... like he's trying to hold onto some sort of relevancy or something. Kevin does his usual courtesy laughing at Jay to pacify him. Actually, I think Tim Allen would be a better choice to host.
  16. I'm left wondering if a few weeks ago somebody said, "Let's try Nightly from here some night and see how it works out". A handful of rehearsal shows later... and there ya go. The fact that the Today show sunrise element is still in that last shot above during Nightly makes me wonder. That marble floor though... not. good.
  17. That screenshot says she'll be "the first guest host".... not get the permanent job.
  18. Soooo... I tried watching NewsNation tonight for the second time in it's whole existence, and here's what greeted me: I immediately turned it off.
  19. Most likely a placeholder logo until the final one is designed. That slogan... hmmmm... "stuff"? Really a poor choice of wording.
  20. The last bullet in this slide is the biggest BS.... This change is not going increase the legibility at smaller scales; it will most likely make it worse. That smaller gap in the letter c will be an issue.
  21. Looks like they've updated it to 1974 for the thumbnail.
  22. Some KCRA footage from what looks like the late '70s (I don't think the year 1982 is correct) showing off their transition to tape and live microwave technology. I love how Bob Whitten is showing off the LiveCamera 3 van and it's microwave equipment... but it looks like its not even installed yet.
  23. I figured it would only be a matter of time.
  24. I'll give it six more months or so. If it hasn't picked up any sizable traction by Septemberish, it might be gone a month or two after that. And with COVID restrictions probably loosening up even more by summer, people are going to want to do other things instead of sitting at home & watching TV. Especially news... and especially a new news network with a weak lineup... in a slow news cycle.
  25. Just some observations... Looks like KSDK & KMOV are done with N6TY & their chopper agreement: https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/columns/joe-holleman/ksdk-kmov-shut-down-shared-helicopter/article_ee39336a-5bee-5642-a348-13fe27a0ba44.html KCRA Sacramento has been using N75TV for a little bit.
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