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  1. Fox really wanted WJW back when Nexstar bought Tribune, but Nexstar kept WJW and sold WITI & KCPQ for Charlotte Fox46 & MYNet TV to Nexstar for Seattle & Milwaukee, which I think Fox owned WITI before selling it in 2008 and Fox really wanted Seattle for the Seahawks being an NFC team. Just what Sinclair did in the failed merger with Tribune, but Sinclair already owned KOMO in Seattle, and they were going to have to sell because of top 4. Fox was going to get in Seattle no matter what almost did with a small TV station before Fox & Tribune renewed their contract and KCPQ remained a Fox station just took Fox a few years before they could make it an O&O. Seems that Seattle viewers don't watch KOMO or KCPQ since it became a Fox O&O.
  2. I like S.E. Supp if Battleground is cleared in West Michigan, I'll check it out will not watch it daily just every now and then.
  3. Jennifer Lyons is pretty good should help CBS News Detroit.
  4. June 1 is when NewsNation goes 24/7 news coverage.
  5. I think Byron Allen will put his name out there saying he'll buy the 60 TV stations from Sinclair that is how Byron rolls. I think it will be someone small that buys Sinclair kinda like a Standard General when they tried to buy WXMI Fox17 in the failed Tribune merger.
  6. I'm surprised that that Fever games will not be aired in West Michigan surprised that TEGNA didn't want to air it on DT3 or DT4, Sinclair's ARC WMI or Nexstar's WXSP/CW-WMI. Since Detroit doesn't have a WNBA team as they left in 2009, Caitlin Clark is popular in West Michigan why didn't they want to air those 17 games.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if Byron Allen will say he'll buy the 60 TV stations from Sinclair since he likes to put his name out there when media is selling and for attention as well. Why didn't Byron take a pay cut sell one of his mansions or fancy cars to save the jobs at his local TV stations and The Weather Channel.
  8. Not surprised that The Fox O&Os signed it for the sister TV stations in the big markets, I thought that they would sign on for GMFB more to come in the coming weeks and I knew it be Labor Day when GMFB would start to air in syndication as that somewhat seems to be when smaller shows start to air before the bigger shows in Mid to late September.
  9. Kevin's letter is nothing but a word salad and begging Nexstar/Mission to close the deal which Nexstar will let the agreement expire at the end of June. Kevin sells it to a religious broadcaster for less than $75 Million. I could see Nexstar putting CW+ feed in Detroit if they can't get WDIV although would have to find something else for TMZ & TMZ Live I think WJBK airs both those shows in Detroit.
  10. All the best Mike Seidel in the next chapter shame that he got the ax at TWC.
  11. I thought that it be Stadium since Jerry owns Stadium that he bought the stake from Sinclair for White Sox, Bulls, & Blackhawks. I didn't think that Standard General would buy the rights for the White Sox, Bulls & Blackhawks guessing that is coming from Soo Kim.
  12. And Wood TV got rid of The Grio on DT3 for Defy last Wed.
  13. I knew that Beavers & WSU 10 games each on The CW was rumored a few months ago that The CW was getting their home games and Fox gets 3 games from both schools.
  14. It will be a subchannel that is what they did with WOTV DT2 when they took The CW in West Michigan from Sinclair that is what will happen with Norfolk VA in my opinion. Not surprised after 8 years that The CW is coming home to WGN since they don't have the Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, or Blackhawks anymore that was the reason they went back to being independent.
  15. Amy's bio is still up at Fox Weather Website wouldn't they have scrubbed it if she is leaving Fox Weather or if the contract wasn't renewed. When they leave a place they don't really say other than thank you or leaving because of family the media companies are always hush, hush, hush, & mum about it got to love the commutations business NOT LOL.
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