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  1. Does Leslie Sykes only anchor the 6am hour in the morning?
  2. Does anyone know when Sade will be back at 5pm?
  3. Early Today with new graphics and aligned with the Today Show graphics package:
  4. I believe the reason was the coverage of the attacks in Tel Aviv. WABC already pulls its main anchors to anchor at 11pm when there is something urgent happening. (I've already seen Mike Marza with Chanteé Lans, Sandra teaming up again with Joe Torres and in the new year, there was Liz Cho)
  5. At 8pm today it was with Kristine, I think she will continue alternating with Maurice. Is CBS planning to have “Primetime New York” at 8pm in the future?
  6. I know, I just wanted to comment. Since it only lasted 30 minutes and was recorded with Dana Tyler. And as it is a news program also produced by WCBS...
  7. WUPA's 8pm news in Detroit which is produced by WCBS also moved to a full hour and live.
  8. I'm talking about Friday nights.
  9. Maybe Pedro Rivera or Michelle. It's just strange that Sandra isn't there at 11pm, the other times she was there with David Navarro.
  10. Kaity Tong is back at 6pm today.
  11. No changes to opening of CNN Newsroom with Jim Acosta
  12. 11pm on weekdays has not yet been added. They are probably waiting for Sade to return.
  13. And that wasn’t the only change today. CBS Morning News was renamed CBS News Mornings. And the CBS News Streaming version is now one of the regular editions of the CBS NewsHour. CBS Mornings:
  14. I noticed that Mike Marza no longer replaces Bill Ritter at 11pm on Fridays. David Navarro and Sandra Bookman have been doing it, will it be another test?
  15. And I expected WDJT to be the first to adopt.
  16. TV Globo began renovations in its newsroom in São Paulo, where the national news programs Hora 1, Jornal Hoje and Jornal da Globo are broadcast. A temporary space was set up and is expected to be completed in 3 months. Making a comparison: Jornal Hoje: Jornal da Globo:
  17. It seems like I spoke too soon hehehe The 5pm edition using a talent open
  18. Yes, they kept the same. The background landscape also remains the same.
  19. I thought Mornings @ 10 would use the open one they use on this promo, but they used the traditional open. The opening with the talents disappeared
  20. CBS2 This Morning in the newsroom today
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