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WXIN new set


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FOX59 in Indy has debuted a new set after being in the newsroom for 3 months while building this set. https://fox59.com/news/fox59-unveils-spectacular-new-studio/?fbclid=IwAR0b1mmIRVM_REf14yo1gzhW9U7FxaSfdFloYdZp3XZ_3G-R1qgtH7YkPv0_aem_AZuvnTG5tjzryoOSGrAtf4qUz3Sprhksf6NNSjC_NH-RToqcaGVMZTdF1uiCEUlvg9E





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The close up 20th floor highrise shot on the monitors is nice and iconic. It gives the set some sense of place and proportion, with some grandness to it. The center monitor with the logo is more heroic for the brand. That's better than setups where your focus is drawn down to the desk monitor. 


Agree the interview area is sterile and that white wash flooring isn't doing any favors. 

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