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  1. So, were WVTM and WJCL were wastes of money, too? How about (checks notes) WMTW in 2004? I'm pretty sure there were old people in southern Maine back then...
  2. Please. I've made great strides in repressing those memories... That said, I miss LIN's early-2010s websites. They looked good. (Case in point.] If WPIX ends up with Hearst or Graham, I will laugh.
  3. It would've been funnier if the anchor had reacted to the change. "Annnnd our new graphics just debuted. Is this chase that boring?"
  4. One of them would have to blink first and hope the other two don't wipe the floor with them.
  5. For anyone who needs it: (You're welcome.)
  6. I've said it before and will undoubtedly say it again: ABC could have teamed up with a company interested in the other Allbritton station (Hearst, Graham, Tegna, etc.), help that company outbid Sinclair, and split WJLA off from the other stations afterwards.
  7. Don't worry, Perry -- Rand Paul is coming to your rescue! Shouldn't they be referring to him as Senator Paul? I hope the bill crashes and burns. All it would do is help Nexstar, SInclair, and Gray gobble up more broadcasters, leaving smaller broadcasters such as Hearst and Graham (and smaller) unable to acquire stations because they keep getting outbid.
  8. Those look really good. I miss living in a Hearst market.
  9. "We're finally not alone!" -- WMUR
  10. Good to see the site's back, even if it's undergone a few changes in the process. Definitely not the first online community I've been a part of that's undergone changes over the years, and unlikely to be the last. (I'd have chimed in sooner, but I moved from NH to CT and am cheerfully buried in things that need to be done.)
  11. mre29

    Digital Channels

    Looks like it has to do with signal strength, at least for MeTV. Via Wikipedia: I should note that here in the Boston-Manchester market, MeTV is on subchannels of both Hearst-owned ABC affiliates, WCVB and WMUR, with identical schedules except for the stations' 10pm news and a 10:30pm repeat of Chronicle on WCVB 5.2. Xfinity carries both feeds, likely because of those newscasts.
  12. Just what is Nexstar's current coverage percentage, anyway?
  13. How many stations would Nexstar have to sell to get back under the cap?
  14. Of course, this does bring up one good question: Where the heck is Al Jazeera English? It's already free, so...
  15. YES! I've been hoping this would happen for a while now -- either this or more cable providers grouping BBC News with the other news channels. (You shouldn't have to pay extra for one news channel when you're already get three or more as part of basic cable.) Because the BBC has been missing from the FAST news channels space for far too long. Besides the American news-focused channels (ABC News Live, CBS News, NBC News Now, and LiveNOW from Fox), BBC News's direct competitor, Sky News, has been there for years, and there's also Euronews and other channels.
  16. Meanwhile, elsewhere in WBDland.... Warner Bros. Discovery to Overhaul TruTV With Sports; Sets Nightly Block for Games and More TruTV isn't the only "zombie" WBD needs to deal with...
  17. Aside from the WBD connection, why not post this in the International News forum and then link to it here?
  18. Or the stations could be sold to multiple owners who are established broadcasting companies.
  19. So, how are local newscasts on various CBS affiliates (not the O&Os), anyway? How are the newscasts on Hearst's KCCI and WLKY? What about Graham's WKMG? Scripps's WTKR, WTVR, WTVF, and MTN stations? Tegna's WBNS, KHOU, KFMB, etc? Weigel's WDJT? The many affiliates owned by Sinclair, Nexstar, and Gray? (I'm particularly interested in Gray's WFSB and Sinclair's WGME.)
  20. So, is everyone only interested in talking about the CBS-owned stations? The original poster never specified that...
  21. Five weeks and a day is a notable shift. I guess they didn't have enough content ready to merit sticking to the original date.
  22. So, basically, Morning Express was meant to compete more with Today and Good Morning America than with Morning Joe and Fox & Friends?
  23. If I remember correctly, Morning Express was often beating New Day in the ratings. Too bad Licht was focused on cloning CBS This Morning. What's Meade doing these days, anyway? Maybe she's available... From the Variety article: This would be a damn good time to finish killing off HLN.
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