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  1. Charles Barkley has a backup plan he’s had talks to keep 'Inside the NBA' going at his own production company
  2. If TNT lose the rights to the NBA I’m curious if the board of directors call a vote of no confidence on David Zaslav and replace him as CEO
  3. I consider mike seidel to be staple of my childhood when I watched the weather channel for fun
  4. If TNT loses the NBA this is the biggest loss of the entire process Turner being with the NBA for 40 years Inside the NBA ends it will be the biggest mistake in the history of the league
  5. Thank you Don Alhart for 58 years of giving Rochester the news!
  6. It will be the first Selection Sunday without Greg Gumbel since 1997
  7. I can imagine The Daytime Emmys in 2026 with cast members of The Gates being nominated for Daytime Emmys
  8. Could CNN just admit they made a huge mistake & bring back Robin Meade
  9. This is interesting to note considering FOX is the only one of the three without a standalone streaming service
  10. I hope those buckeye players who want to pursue professional football opportunities realize there is more than one pathway to the NFL and that is the United Football League
  11. the presentation on the CW for ACC basketball is pretty good
  12. What a great move if this was the year 2004
  13. Several generations of Chicagoans have grown up with Tom Skilling
  14. Bally Sports lost San Diego earlier this year and now all of Arizona First a city now a Whole State
  15. If the music industry had a similar way to strike, so many artists would scab just like Drew Barrymore wait & see
  16. The CW is a competing OTA network to ABC where those graphics usually air the cw just said to espn we will take your template and graphics and just slap cw on it
  17. This must be the new trend/style of graphics
  18. A lot of people are laughing at the ACC
  19. please give Robin Meade her job back! Robin Meade is amazing!
  20. Meet the Press will NEVER be what it was when Tim Russert moderated the show
  21. I do like the opening with the city of Baltimore in the background!!!! That's really cool!!!!
  22. I always felt that KUSI was ahead of the other local affiliates when it came to covering local news
  23. kudos to David Zaslav for being the reason the CW is in such bad state and selling it to Nexstar before the liv golf deal
  24. Gray Television, based here in Atlanta and owner of WANF will fight tooth and nail
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