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  1. Former anchor Jeff Vaughn is suing CBS, citing “anti-white discrimination”
  2. WITI has quietly added a 10:30pm newscast; no promos or announcements from what I’ve seen
  3. Interestingly, ABC will be making the September debate available to other broadcasters to carry
  4. Apparently stations will have the option of carrying it overnight or of carrying just an hour of the show
  5. What I’ve seen speculated are games on Saturday and Sunday nights
  6. WVBT? Will it be a subchannel or are they dropping Fox?
  7. I’m really trying to figure out which stations would end up going for this; the Fox-owned MNTs? Sinclair? I can’t see Nexstar cutting back those successful local morning shows to air this.
  8. WCVB was really one of the first local stations to have a national presence and reputation
  9. I wonder if this is in advance of the rumors of some affiliates carrying an extra hour of Daily
  10. There was a tidbit in one of the articles when this was going into the market that CMV was telling stations with the current Judge Judy package NOT to pick up Judy Justice; kinda wonder if that’s the reason why a lot of the current Judge Judy station groups passed on this
  11. Judy Justice officially a go for this fall, with Nexstar and Cox among groups signing on
  12. The CBS owned stations have picked up a new Jaleel White hosted game show, The Flip Side, for fall
  13. Gray teaming with Warner Bros. Discovery, Lionsgate and Jonathan Katz on a pair of new streaming and OTA channels launching New Years Day
  14. “I absolutely love talking to real people about real problems. People who aren’t just complaining but are actively looking for real solutions to better their lives,” McGraw said. “American families and our core values are under attack. I love this country, and I believe family is the backbone of our society. Together we are going to stand strong and fight for the very soul and sanity of America and get things that matter back on track.” This Dr. Phil quote from the announcement feels kinda TBN-ish in tone, now that I think about it
  15. It basically sounds like Adell had cold feet about selling and is using this as an excuse to back out of the deal
  16. Barbara Ciara retiring from WTKR on December 1st after 43 years in Norfolk television
  17. A little surprised it was announced this far off, but if anyone’s earned a long victory lap it’s Tom.
  18. According to FTVLive, Amy Robach is joining NewsNation with her own show
  19. To the surprise of absolutely no one, ABC sticking with MNF simulcasts for the remainder of the NFL season
  20. In a unique move, CBS LA is adding a second news director
  21. Oh my god they’re more desperate than I thought…
  22. Access Hollywood is moving back to WISN, joining fellow newcomer Daily Blast Live in the 12:05am hour replacing Rachael Ray starting 9/12. Kinda surprising, since I just assumed they’d bump the ET encore up an hour. This means that in Milwaukee, Access Hollywood has been on… WITI>WTMJ>WDJT>WISN>WTMJ>WITI>WISN
  23. Will be nice to have Inside Edition not stuck in overnights, but wouldn’t it make more sense to have both Drew episodes on in the daytime instead of Daytime Jeopardy?
  24. I wonder when Disney/ABC will break out the 20/20 syndication run…
  25. Going back to old branding (Philly 57 and New York 55), I see
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