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  1. Yeah not sure I understand all the bemoaning. Was there confusion on what a station group mandate was?
  2. If Ernie and Chuck aren't both joining then they should just move on with a new studio show. Ernie has already said he isn’t moving. Nothing in sports comes close to how great Inside the NBA is.
  3. Where exactly would he go at the network? It’s not like they have an obvious open vacancy and he’s likely just fine in his current role.
  4. Well two of the show’s arguably most critical personalities have already said they aren’t continuing on any other network but TNT. Ernie and Charles have said they’re out if NBA leaves TNT. The Tuesday crew is equivalent to the boring ESPN studio show too so not much they can do as replacement options on a new network either.
  5. Was just thinking about what becomes of “Inside the NBA” if Turner loses rights. I don’t see it being the same great show it is on NBC or ESPN (where they’d easily work them to death as Chuck has joked).
  6. I think the strength of the Super Bowl, SNF, MNF on ESPN/ABC, NBA playoffs, etc. will help maintain a sizable portion of live sports broadcasting on linear for at least the foreseeable future.
  7. I’ve always viewed as more ownership based than affiliate based. For instance, KHOU and WFAA are sister stations in Texas despite one being a CBS affiliate and the other being ABC.
  8. When was the last time Sam Champion was on EWN This Morning? He’s been on GMA as a 6th host since early March with Brittany and Dani handling 4:30-7am. Not sure if he’s been on 10am but when I’ve tuned in it’s typically Dani.
  9. This, their newscast has a corporate feel with no real personality. You can take WCBS and drop it in any other CBS O&O market without missing a beat.
  10. Yeah I was surprised that he wasn’t strongly considered for CBS Sunday Morning after the final Early Show relaunch. He was easily the strongest of the network’s bench and was heavily utilized on Evening News, Face the Nation too.
  11. They had a 4:30am show that was cancelled over a year ago.
  12. KTRK bucking the trend and launching a 4am newscast on 4/1. https://x.com/abc13houston/status/1767178737487933540?s=46
  13. When is this referring to? Sandra has been there with Bill most nights at 11pm while Sade has been on medical leave. The most likely reason she wasn’t at 11 yesterday is because she’s anchoring Sunday night’s newscasts with Joe for Oscars coverage.
  14. Sade had been anchoring solo at 11pm on Fridays since last year, she’s out right now. Mike is also largely viewed as Bill Ritter’s eventual successor and they’re not subtle about how they’ve positioned him for that.
  15. I really miss Sade. Hope she’s recovering well from her knee surgery.
  16. This. Houston is a great example where the CBS affiliate historically struggled behind ABC and NBC stations until Oprah bolstered them into a competitive and then (although brief) a market leader. WFAA's lead in Dallas started to slip when Oprah ended her show. Outside of that, it was always puzzling to me why CBS News and CBS stations generally performed so badly despite having the dominating entertainment division.
  17. Talent opens for the weekend morning shows debuted this morning featuring Michelle, Pedro and Dani. The only ones I’ve not seen at this point are the weekday morning opens.
  18. I would doubt it. Hasn’t the JKL hour been fairly successful for ABC? Seems like they’d want to find a suitable replacement than abandoning it.
  19. I’m all about a mandate if it prevents stations from the on-air presentation WABC had in place for a long time.
  20. Yeah the new ABC O&O mandate has an element like this for bugs. I actually like it, it’s pretty utilitarian.
  21. Been a steady and successful career for her since her GMA days.
  22. According to Houston blogger Mike McGuff a desk will be featured on all newscasts but 6 and 10pm.
  23. Yeah pretty damn bad. No desk?
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