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  1. Is it widely known that Alan Krashesky did weather for at least at one point for WLS? Found it on a random clip from YouTube from Christmas Day 1983.
  2. I don’t disagree with any of this but again these shows have built their strengths on the viewers connections to the personalities. It’s an unreasonable expectation to document childbirths, marriages and illnesses but demand privacy for divorce, absences, etc.
  3. For all those following the holiday musical chairs at channel 7, make sure you tune in at 11pm for a rare appearance not seen that often since 2011.
  4. I’ve reached the point where I don’t want to hear anything about these 4 ever again lol.
  5. Mike Marza is earning his keep for sure. On EWN yesterday morning and 11pm and back on-air this morning filling in for Michelle.
  6. Man that takes me back to the days of their late 90s and 2000s newsroom set. Still their best look imo.
  7. Glad to see this. Wasn’t sure how successful it would be when it launched but it’s a much better hour than GMA3. It actually being live is a massive benefit.
  8. Interesting. When I passed by it was about 20 minutes to 10 and Shirleen and Dani were sitting at the main desk.
  9. How long has the 10am been in the main desk instead of the circular one? Passed by the studio yesterday before the thanksgiving day parade (they had the curtains up) and the circular desk is tucked away in the corner of the studio.
  10. Traditionalism makes me want to say no but realistically the industry is going to have to evolve and adapt. This isn’t the worst idea.
  11. Interesting. I haven’t caught the weekend news in a few weeks. Sandra is great but would agree that adding another anchor for 1 hour is interesting but no unconventional.
  12. WABC never formally announces these things but Sandra Bookman is appearing with David in promos featuring the noon team.
  13. This is the same show that just did a full blown out celebration of an anchor’s bachelorette party and wedding. Michael is entitled to his privacy but you can’t stop people from asking questions. Sadly there are different expectations of “privacy” for someone in a public profession.
  14. He, like anyone else, definitely deserves his privacy no doubt. But I’m not surprised some people are curious of his absence, he’s an anchor on the most popular morning show and NFL Sunday.
  15. https://pagesix.com/2023/11/07/entertainment/tamsen-fadal-leaving-pix11-after-15-years/ Last day is Friday.
  16. I was just wondering this yesterday because he wasn’t on NFL Sunday either. It could be any number of reasonable things but nonetheless I'm hoping all is well.
  17. I like the desk but I’m never going to stop complaining about how stupid the standing anchors look is.
  18. Caught a glimpse of F&F this morning. For those who watch the drivel with any regularity, is Lawrence a legitimate 4th host of the show or is he used more as a side to Steve, Ainsley and Brian? Also noticed they were sitting at a desk to close the show out.
  19. They did mention that Sam was away for this week so Brittany was helping out. More notable to me was Sandra, Shirleen and Mike rotating the GMA cut-ins this morning. Sandra also appeared at 10 to tease the stories coming up at noon.
  20. Really dumb of me to forget the 3 hour time difference between coasts.
  21. strategy especially for the Fall going up against CFB and NFL. Doubt they expect to be super competitive in this slot but hard to see how news is cost effective over whatever programming they were showing.
  22. That sucks but I could see it coming a few years ago when they eliminated most views of TS on the set. Both GMA and WABC are seemingly obstructing views of their set on and off screen. TS and the Lincoln Center areas are going to feel like voids without those two there.
  23. Yeah I did a double when I turned the news on tonight. Bill was off yesterday’s 11pm so it was probably planned.
  24. I’m curious to what everyone’s general thoughts are about Tom Negovan? He was at WGN for a long time and I always thought he was one of their best. Surprised to see him as a freelance weekend reporter for WABC. Obviously this current set up could be his preference.
  25. Explain for this layman, when station groups do these mandated graphics is there also a mandated timeline for stations to implement the new packages or is it more of an eventual phasing?
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