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  1. KTAL, WOAI and associated companion stations sure do, though.
  2. I watched all of em and liked em but One on One, Moesha and The Parkers were the best.
  3. No, ARC West Michigan is the brand they'll take once they lose CW. It'll just be an independent. Why they chose that name, I don't know.
  4. I'm just surprised WRBL isn't also getting it.
  5. If I may add to this discussion, I literally make more money as a college student, working a 17-an-hour job than some journalists and meteorologists THAT HAVE degrees too. One station was trying to hire a meteorologist for eight an hour. A Bakersfield TV station was offering 15 an hour to a reporter who would also have to anchor and sometimes even PRODUCE. What does all this tell you? Oh and the grocery stores and fast food restaurants pay no less than $15 as well without a degree.
  6. The fact that Coastal plays shell for Allen in Tupelo-Columbus gives me hope (and I cannot believe I'm saying that in this context) that Coastal would turn over operations to Forum. But the higher ups have really cracked down. If Forum had a mind like a few other people around here, they'd have bought the non license assets in Fargo and made WDAZ the Fox station.
  7. KOCO was one, WBMA was another.
  8. THAT RIGHT THERE. So, let's just say this was all without an affiliation agreement. Well then, at any point, Nexstar themselves could have easily pulled the affiliation. But let's say that Nexstar and Adell had gotten into it after the CW began airing WWE and acquiring whatever other events and then Nexstar had pulled the affiliation and gave it to whoever. Adell would STILL be crying nonsense. This is the man that had a major network affiliation in 1994 all but handed to him on a gold (never mind silver) platter but managed to mess that up and sent them to a station no one knew existed and is just now relevant. Adell is what would have happened had Weigel been run by wackos and it's an insult to even mention Weigel in this post.
  9. I admit I'm surprised more stations don't do this and that this wasn't a thing when UPN and WB were in operation. At least this would have technically been good for ratings.
  10. CBS is sorry as hell for this. At this point just do edited versions of past Paramount hits. I wanna know which executive decided that (insert Paramount show here) was not a good idea and this was. They honestly could just try to temporarily import Clone High (i know its technically on Max but still) and a few other shows to temporarily compete against Fox (if on Sundays or Mondays) or Adult Swim (if in late night) for example, if it's this bad. Do a special late night Drew Barrymore or something. It's one thing to recycle content but at least show something that's relevant.
  11. WDEF had a dude that was from Ireland (I think). Don't know if he anchored much though.
  12. https://tvnewscheck.com/business/article/nexstar-stations-in-philadelphia-san-francisco-tampa-to-become-cw-affils-on-sept-1/ Ya knew it was coming.
  13. Well,they're gonna have to sell at least 15 markets. If they still wanna be a company at all.
  14. I understand Sinclair wants to hoard as many stations as possible but WUTV and WPGH are two stations I could easily see being sold off. In the words of a certain meme, Get somebody else to do it. They need to sell certain stations while they're ahead. Selling KBSI isn't enough. Some more markets have to go.
  15. Sir, all y'all had to do was divest conflicts and be honest. Somebody fetch me my violin.
  16. They probably would have sold it but "Community News Media" or whichever of the ten million interrelated dumb company names they'll use that all lead back to you know who they are, have other things they have to deal with. All this cutting they're doing and the only thing they were willing to give up was KBSI. Honestly, WPMI, as well as WPGH, WHP, WXLV, KDSM, everything in Oklahoma and Arkansas, and WUTV would have been the NEXT stations I'd have sent off elsewhere.
  17. Roland Martin = Armstrong Williams. I'm surprised that he somehow wasn't gifted money to buy WUSA and WXIA........
  18. You know, I get those vibes myself. And the thing is, this is setting a dangerous precedent if that is indeed the case. All the man had to do was sell or even TRADE stations and this would have all been settled.
  19. The "three and a half" Nexstar stations in Shreveport (counting KPXJ, since it's affiliated with the CW, although they're not legally or otherwise affiliated with Nexstar in any way, don't come for me ) definitely have room for this if it goes forward. Same with KCWX and "CW35".
  20. Okay, but he could have struck this deal with any other group. Why does he have to do it with Tegna?? Why couldn't he do it with Gray?? Nexstar? Hearst??? Or one of the network groups??? Honestly, I never thought I'd see the day when I would call someone dumber than Chris Ripley and David Smith but here we go. I thought Soo Kim would at least have the sense God gave a fireant. Evidently not. It's so ridiculous until I have to just laugh.
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