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  1. A pretty big roast for ESPN on the scoreboard tonight in the Cubs v. Rangers game is a “win probability” for both teams, which change after key moments in the game, like a Adolis Garcia homer or a RBI single for rookie Wyatt Langford and UPLOAD COMPLETE. BOOT-UP CHANGE. Uh, sorry about that. Anyways, here’s a photo:
  2. Fubo announces (on March 12) that MASN will begin to be carried on the TV service.
  3. Truly insanity that Greg Gumbel won’t host the Selection Show. For one year, I don’t get to hear him say things like: ”First and second round games in (insert city and state here) on (Thursday or Friday) and (Saturday or Sunday), featuring the (insert a number 1-16 here) seed (college name and mascot name in plural) out of the (insert CBB conference here) and the (college name and mascot name in plural) out of the (conference).” On the other hand, I’m excited to see what Adam Zucker can do hosting the Selection Show. Might be good hearing him.
  4. And why is that? Does “Shake it Off” mean something to ya?
  5. Given the way the current syndication schedule is in Omaha, I’d say KPTM-DT3 (CW) because they already air Fox NFL Kickoff in the market, and they don’t have to air The National Desk in the morning.
  6. It was announced today (March 5) that UK news channel TalkTV, launched by Rupert Murdoch’s News UK in 2022, is to stop broadcasting on UK TV after struggling to keep up with its rival, GB News, in a ratings battle. Instead, TalkTV will go online from this summer, said an email sent to staff today. Last month, its best-known presenter Piers Morgan announced he was leaving his daily evening show, a potential factor of closure. Here’s the article for those who want it.
  7. Ladies and gentlemen, all the stuff that was missed. This coming from Panama City, Florida: The second sub-channel of WJHG is now MeTV, switching the CW affiliation to the second sub-channel of WMBB, which has been really booming the past couple of months, with new graphics, new logos, and now, the new CW station. (switch made January 1) So I’m not actually sure if we covered this, but Montana’s got a brand new bag: The CW is gone in Great Falls, Helena, and Missoula, while Billings CW is now on the second sub-channel of KSVI, the local ABC station, the switch coming from KTVQ’s second sub-channel. Butte/Bozeman followed suit, putting the CW on a translator of KSVI sent to Butte/Bozeman, the CW previously on KXLF’s second sub-channel, and KBZK’s second sub-channel, the latter station being a semi-satellite of KXLF in Butte. (All switches made September 1) To Sioux Falls now: The CW is now on the fourth sub-channel of KELO, which has always been the dominant station in the market. The CW comes to KELO-DT4 from KSFY-DT2, which, is not that good in the market. The sub-channel is now an affiliate of Outlaw, a channel from Fast TV Networks. (Switch made January 1) Mighty Mississippi is our last stop: Shocking turn of events in the market of Tupelo-Columbus-West Point, as WCBI-DT3 is now MyNetworkTV, with its CW affiliation switching over to WLOV, the former FOX station in the market. The FOX affiliation has since moved to the second sub-channel of WCBI. (Switch made February 2)
  8. It’s important to note that CBS did something with its CBSN Local brand (before it was called CBS News Local, but whatever), which included revamping all local newscasts of O&O’s. This included KCNC and KTVT. These became CBSN Denver and CBSN Dallas-Fort Worth respectively before they decided not to do that, switch back to the old graphics, then hit them with the “new thang”.
  9. I mean, given that those 2 stations are the only CBS O&O’s in their states (Colorado and Texas, respectively), you can’t really blame them.
  10. I said it in the 2023 thread, and it came true—it was very expected when AT&T SportsNet started to not care about the Rockies because they sucked. Good decision to go with the MLB, considering Altitude won’t do crap because they “aren’t owned by Kroenke”.
  11. Not to mention that it kinda looks like GrayONE, but that’s just me, I guess(?).
  12. Ladies and gentlemen, InvestigateTV+ in Spanish. Or should I say.. Damas y caballeros, InvestigateTV+ en español. (Google Translate btw)
  13. Bonus just for fun: Dora from the Nickelodeon feed was roasting all night. For instance: ”Maybe they need a map to find the endzone!” “Swiper no holding!” ”Where are we going? Back 5 yards!”
  14. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if the NFL did a multi-channel simulcast like the CFP title game, with 49ers radio feed on CBSSN and Chiefs feed on NFL Network.
  15. Found this out when in the car: SiriusXM launched Super Bowl LVIII Radio a while ago, with stuff like music from the Halftime Show and an entire 1-hour program about T-Swift.
  16. I think it would most likely go to KPTM here in the Big O like they usually do, or if they’re “lucky enough”, one of the morning slots where Cutlers Court or Divorce Court usually is on CW Omaha (Maybe one of the timeslots with Maury, possibly).
  17. There would be some exceptions there, like the ESPN channel simulcast of the National Championship, with radio views, although some are awful like that “Power Play on ESPN+” crap that’s just way too much. We don’t need that many games.
  18. Update here: I was randomly fooling around on Wikipedia and found some amusing information. KAZT-TV in Phoenix took The CW as of last week (February 1st). The reasoning? Nexstar entered into a time brokerage agreement with KAZT’s owner, Londen Media Group, to program the station.
  19. We could be pretty close to WOWT’s GrayONE switch, as because the peacock was removed from the right of the 6 (our pov), the official Wikipedia page for the station has followed suit.
  20. I am from the Omaha area, but I only watch KMTV for gameshows and sports occasionally.. so I haven’t noticed this much lol.
  21. Due to a very heavy and fierce storm, the Steelers-Bills game will not be played today, but instead will be played tomorrow (January 15th) at 4:30 ET on CBS. CBS will instead air a re-showing of last season’s AFC Championship game, which the Kansas City Chiefs won.
  22. A small surprise was Hogar De HGTV at 154th and Galanovelas at 148th. Hell, the most watched Spanish network of 2023 was UNIVISION at 7th. Just goes to show how Spanish-speaking people don’t respect good TV these days, even if it’s in Español. (Except the telenovelas that has the same amount of budget as the cost of a Subway footlong).
  23. The app icons did it aswell. To fact-check this (which I didn’t even know I needed to, and side note, I actually got onto the website to see if it was real), I saw the website and surprisingly got a big result that the app icons were the exact same. I checked my local station’s website to see if it was real, and there it was. Here’s the KETV icon (and yes, I do have mobile).. and here’s the WBBH (also applies to WZVN) icon. Myth confirmed, I guess.
  24. Well, it happened today. KUNS made the switch, and Steamboat Willie can be used any which way legally, but that’s really not important to the story! (Weird Al Show, anyone?) The last program on Univision was “Está historia me suena” and the first program in the CW format was (what else?) “The National Desk”. KUNS will air a 1-hour delay of the KOMO 11:00am news, along with 3 1/2 hours of The National Desk before CW primetime (not counting The National Desk and The National Weather Desk before one of the airings of “Seattle Refined”, also airing on KOMO of course). Other than Justice with The People and The Kelly Clarkson Show (which also already airs on KOMO), there is practically no syndicated programming on channel 51.
  25. All of this wasn’t mentioned before, but I guess now is the “perfect time” to post it since the switch happens tomorrow. KVOS (currently an affiliate of H&I) will take the Univision affiliation from KUNS on January 1st. Weigel quietly updated the station’s website to reflect on the switch. It is unknown whether or not Univision’s main-channel coverage will remain in a simulcast in Seattle over KFFV’s third subchannel, which currently broadcasts as H&I, and H&I’s new channel position among the two stations. With KVOS’s unique status, Univision’s domestic schedule will also be available over the air in Vancouver, Victoria, and southwest British Columbia for the very first time, conflicting with TelevisaUnivision’s joint venture specialty channel in Canada with TLN, Univision Canada.
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