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  1. WRCB began broadcasting from their updated studio as of this past Saturday evening.
  2. Yes, hence why Fox re-acquired WITI - part of a deal to get KCPQ/KZJO (Seahawks) - twelve years after offloading it to a private equity group in 2007. They did have to sacrifice another NFC market in Charlotte (WJZY/WMYT) to make it happen though.
  3. I said one of my new favorites. Not that it was better than KWQC. There's a difference.
  4. I'm not gonna post the video because it hasn't made it on-air yet, but WMC-TV could be switching to GrayONE this week, and from what I've seen, from the graphics to the music itself, it's one of my new favorite implementations.
  5. KTVT and WCCO are probably the next ones up to get upgrades.
  6. I remember Lunn from when he worked at WPTY (now WATN)/WLMT, WMC, and most recently KSTP. If the allegations against him are indeed true, that is a huge fall from grace.
  7. WAVE went GrayONE back in mid-March.
  8. WECT went GrayONE as of Noon today.
  9. Someone created a convenient map showing which stations are on GrayONE and which ones are still waiting in the wings. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1LmIglmqEZChaFD9SKBPu1eZBN-_hVxE&ll=38.763369813494634%2C-99.3197914626852&z=5
  10. WRCB Local 3, the Sarkes Tarzian-owned station in Chattanooga, is in the process of replacing their decade-old set and are currently doing their newscasts from temporary setups throughout their building.
  11. You may think that, but the ticker changed with the graphics also. Old look w/ ticker from the previous Meredith graphics: New look w/ new ticker:
  12. In all fairness, they do use a gold color scheme for their Saints coverage/segments. Not so much the entire newscast, which is fine.
  13. I would say about somewhere between 60-70% of Gray's portfolio has yet to flip at this point.
  14. We have a thread for that: Also, welcome to the forum!
  15. Putting those feeds on two-hour delays whenever newscasts go live (over-the-air & on cable) should tell you all you would need to know about Sook's view of streaming as "not a good business".
  16. Sook not seeing any value in streaming is as antiquated as he is, and yet he wants to own more stations (which explains why his company is currently suing the FCC).
  17. Before this thread gets out of hand, there is probably no chance of ABC swooping in to buy WJLA. If they didn't buy the station when Albritton put itself up for sale years ago, what makes anyone think they would even do so now? And I seriously doubt Fox would want to make WZTV & WUXP into O&Os themselves.
  18. Whatever scheme WKYT gets when they switch to GrayONE, expect WYMT to receive the same (with maybe some yellow added to it. And just because there are 4 standard options to choose from doesn't mean a station can't always modify the colors later (i.e., WAFB during Mardi Gras season recently).
  19. This was bound to happen, especially with the impending collapse of RSNs as we know it.
  20. WVLT is going GrayONE later today. Or rather, they already have done so online. Side note: This is NOT an April Fools joke!!
  21. WAVE is launching GrayONE an hour from now at 11/10c. They've been running promos teasing of it over the last week(s). As an aside, can we change the name of this thread to "The GrayONE-ification Thread" or something similar?
  22. They've been stepping up lately as far as their in-house builds go. Not just at WJLA, but at other stations as well.
  23. KWQC finally made the switch to GrayONE, and it's probably the best implementation of the package thus far.
  24. Looks like WSB and/or Coxpollo hired the same company that did the ABC O&O package and WINK's new graphics. The similarities are all there.
  25. The good thing about the new digs is it's still fairly new (only 9 years old, having been constructed in late 2014/early 2015). While I doubt WVUE will be able to fully utilize the entire space, I would suspect Gray would seek to consolidate and/or grow some of their operations there, especially with their InvestigateTV unit being based in New Orleans and all.
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