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  1. This is a terrible move. CItyNews/Pulse is iconic for having its anchors roaming and wandering its working newsroom and perching on various locations. EVERYONE copied CIty. They did it the best. This new look is not City and not just departure but nothing like the DNA of the original channel. As Rogers has all but erased its orginal format created by Moses Znaimer. The original CityTv CityPulse format was copied all around world or at least elements of it. Its really sad to see it removed and yet another boring desk bound format in its place. Sad day in creative news broadcasting take a hit and yet another boring corporate-mandated looking format in its place.
  2. WBBM used to be number one and they went from this To this and audiences returned briefly and then abandoned ship and never came back .
  3. The new KPRC set is lit horribly. Awful actually. It doesnt even look modern with the weird early '00s curved "iPhone-esque" elements. Not good. Downgrade.
  4. Ugh. I remember as a kid GMA having the worst sets. Too me they were also so....outdated. Like a grannys attic or basement. Or they felt like a old living room full of brown furniture. They were never distinctive, just old and full of old dusty stuff. I dont remember this set in particular, but i remember them always having this "feel". This set looks like a old furniture store full of closeout furniture that hasnt sold. NBC Today always felt fresh, new, urban and modern. Still not a fan of GMA. ABC News sets always felt "off" to me. This includes the graphics. Though I was a fan of Peter Jennings.
  5. I hate this package. The way the theme music has been chopped up and abrubtly cut off on some or quickly turned off. It doesnt even feel like COX anymore. They were always still the best at news opens and the correct timings and flow of the opens with the music and graphics. There were never rushed and they always had proper opens. Not these rushed anchor introduced 2 second opens most stations use today. These are just awful. IMO complete downgrade.
  6. Hmmm. Hot take. Kinda tired of the ugly wood set. Its very dark boring. But with them replacing the screens.... Something tells me they arent going to be upgrading sets anytime soon. These sets have been around quite a while. With so many new players on the scene. Especially since FOX Weather has launched, I wonder if this aint a good thing. (The ratings cant be that great of course with the exception of major events. Hurricanes, tornado outbreaks. etc)
  7. Finally!!!!!! Ive been wondering why they kept using that wall. It looked terrible on air. Its been like that for a very long time it was frankly embarrassing how bad it looked. And it was making me think they are having financial issues. That looks so much better.
  8. they are almost entirely airing the CNNi feed anyway. CNNi is a shell of its former self. Most of the legacy anchors and reporters have left and its down to a few hours now. Zucker & Co really dropped the ball with CNNI and HLN. Focusing entirely on US politics have really destroyed CNN brand and IMO the other channels has been left to flounder and die and other channels have moved into their spaces. THere are loads of 24hr Streaming channels in the US that replaces what HLN used to do for decades. And CNN international has effectively been shelved and replaced with BBC and AJE. Sad Really. I dont think this bargain basement MAX effort will help do anything help them gain any traction. Its all just sad to watch this legacy channel flounder this way.
  9. The set looks fantastic. Its the drab lighting plan that really lets it down and make the talent look flat. And the cold temperature/colour makes skin tones and wood tones look dead. I think this set would look great if they re-lit it. Its really goes to show a great set can look terrible if its lit badly. Goodness.
  10. I think its a brilliant dynamic package. it might be a big much for older viewers to wrap their heads around. But I think its brilliant. Dont like the chopped together opening. I hate there is no music bed after the opening. It feel abrupt. Not sure about the cobble together opening theme.
  11. Id prefer him as a investigative reporter, so long as he's not in the anchor chair for the evening newscasts.
  12. Watching the new CBS News Detroit premiere. I can imagine that things will be tweaked after this premiere and they see what works and what doesnt work. Im sure they will throw everything at the wall tonight. -Clunky version of the open -I like the open to the jib shot, but it was too long and it hovered too high instead of moving toward the center and transitioning to the centre presenter camera. -The camera blocking is strange for the right presenter. You get the strange white wall and part of window mullions. -Strange sound in the background - A/C noise is VERY VERY LOUD! VERY distracting. They need to sorta that out immediately. Seems like the noisy problem that occurs when all the presenter mics are hot. -Odd use of jib over to weather. Kinda of a plain looking weather corner, washed out graphics. Seems like the big CBS logo been seen all the way on the right wall behind the weather computers. Weather is done from a rolling screen against a white wall. You can see the screen cords plugged into the wall. (Looks messy) The sports anchor uses the screen in the greenroom as sort of an OTS. They turn on blue lights in the green room for the 6pm. - The centre camera shot is really nice. -The story selection is strange and nothing ground breaking so far. Lots of national stories off the top. A local story about football coach and then a Narcan vending machine story was presented live from a local university. The reporter had on a boat load CBS Detroit gear. -They did highlight the reporter that will cover a specific beat/region. Which i like. But then going into each break they keep telling you they are watching a specific community and they can watch CBS Detroit streaming. (gotcha) So far going into the first advert break....its kinda ehhh. -The transitions seem choppy. -Umm not getting the point of the sports stories sprinkled thru instead of the main sports bulletin usually toward the end of the broadcast. So far the "Detroit" stories is very very thin. Kinda expected them to have reporters live all over the place for the first outing. I know the they are still hiring but eek. They dont seem to have a full staff yet. - The presenters seem to be a capable bunch, they seem to fit a large diverse market such as Detroit. It has the largest Arabic/Muslim population in the US and a large black population amongst others. I have to say it could be an interesting enterprise. I was expecting a bit more newsroom movement, but it seems CBS didnt throw millions at the wall for this. I feel like this is more of down and dirty operation rather than being ultra flashy.
  13. I hope they do something with the graphics. They are old and I think they need something more dynamic. Currently its very cluttered.
  14. Keep in mind the newsroom wander was perfected at CITY-TV CityNews/CityPulse Toronto...starting in the early mid 80s
  15. CNN Center is offically closing at the end of the year with the news operation relocating completely to Techwood Campus https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/cnn-moving-atlanta-global-headquarters-from-cnn-center-to-techwood-campus-this-year/521567/
  16. Im sure Patricks a nice guy, but he just seems ill-suited for an anchor position in a top 3 market. WMAQ doesnt really have a deep anchor bench anymore.
  17. CBC News Canada has launched another FAST Channel that was made available seemingly exclusively outside Canada on Roku and smarttv's. In addition to the CBC News existing jukebox channel they launched CBC News Explore which combines headline segments with documentaries and other long form stories and a few new programmes with some interview shows.. It interesting they didnt roll the other channel into this new venture. https://www.cbc.ca/mediacentre/press-release/cbc-launches-free-streaming-channel-cbc-news-explore
  18. It seems to me it will be a massive snub if its not given to Ravi. Cheryl is only 59 so I cant see her going anytime soon. But the only reason i cant see Ravi getting that spot is if he doesnt want it. Maybe he prefers his weekend anchoring and occasional field reporting. But i would like to see him get it. He is more than capable. He certainly has evening news big city gravitas. We are running low in Chicago. Stefan Holt is a rarity. Ch7 has a some big city anchors and reporters but the bench is not as deep as before.
  19. I was HIGHLY impressed by this. I wasnt expecting the modern feeling of this. I HATE green screen virtual stuff. But its less distracting than I thought. I wasnt sure about the virtual ceiling also but you dont even notice its not real. But all the elements were implemented very well. Im not a fan of the theme. Its kinda nothing. But it dont hate it. I wish they could have done something more "European sounding" to further move the broadcast away from the "typical PBS" news magazine sound. But this is far beyond anything i was imagining they were going to do. Speaking of the Green screen and graphics...of the most irritating and glaring mistakes are that the images of the skyline are OLD. They are so old the supertall VISTA TOWER along the river near in the shot with the AON Center is not there. Also the shot of the Marina Towers down the river toward the west show the sky at the end. That part is completely built up and you cant see the western sky because of the new buildings that went up years ago. Including the 3 new buildings at Wolf Point. So those pictures must be more than 10-15 years old. THAT A HUGE MISTAKE! And it shows whoever created the graphics didnt really care.
  20. Wow that looks horrible. The lighting is horrifying and the camera blocking is terrible. Renzo Piano is a great architect but a studio designer he is not. I dont like anything about this. It actually feels amateurish. The newsroom looks like something they slapped a logo on the back wall and called it a day. Italian tv broadcasts have alway felt slightly off to me for whatever reason. And this is just another example.
  21. He has a nice warm easy going anchoring style that fits a big market. Seems like a good find. They had made some seriously dubious anchor choices with Kate Chappel, JC Navarrettte, and Patrick Fasio. This guy seems to have a nice big city anchor gravitas WMAQ is sorely lacking at moment. I dont know who's been seeking talent but they have made some major fumbles with Fasio. Maybe they are hoping he leaves or stick him in the field. Some journalists are better reporters than anchors.
  22. Exactly, it took much longer than the 2 weeks someone said it was going to. But looking that the WMAQ's track record lets see how long this look lasts before they start screwing around with it. We will see if the camera's revert back to the locked down still shots and they will eventually cut out the cross set shots.
  23. Wow. Im pleasantly surprised how nice the new NBC 5 set looks. They actually put in some effort. Also they are using some camera pans and movement.(Lets see if it continues after today) I havent seen a full wide shot. But I do like the outcome. Its mostly screens as we thought but the surrounding bits are nice. The desk is great. And the lighting is typical NBC. Top Notch. I HATE THE VIEW OF MICHIGAN AVE BRIDGE. Its horrible and it bounces. NBC 5 uses possible the worst camera. Low Quality and bouncy. I feels like you are watching the news on a cruise ship. Horrible. I dont know why they like that shot but it needs to go
  24. Ive never seen a story like this. Tonight it just took a weird-er turn https://twitter.com/CBCNews/status/1563345202567593989
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