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  1. I would not read too much into it. Rafael is doing 4, 5, 6 and 11 while Dave and Janice are off on vacation. It will take some time to sort out, my bet is on Rafael getting it. He does have seniority.. I would look to the new meteorologist who has not been on the air much to take TINY Weekend duty.
  2. David was on in the afternoon.
  3. Reporters on the scene (1.5 blocks from 30 Rock) included Sarah Wallace, Jamie Roth, Ray Villeda. David Ushery and Jumy Olabanji anchored the coverage in addition to hosting the 4 pm broadcast.
  4. You are actually wrong on several counts. New Yorkers are very sensitive to "flying machines" hitting buildings today, but more importantly, the area is a no fly zone - both because of what happened 9/11 and its close proximity to trump's tower and home. The helicopters are usually restricted to the rivers and this one was to be headed south to it's home base in Linden NJ, not north.
  5. WABC also is broadcasting live, why not use their own sister station?????? Note the only NYC station that is not covering this live is WNYW FOX5. CBS2, NBC4, ABC7 and PIX11 are all live. I guess Fox values Dish Nation higher than breaking news.
  6. NBC has often gone outside to fill the anchor ranks on weekends, and I expect them to do it again, even if it is a promotion of an anchor from another NBC O&O. Although there are often wishes for local promotions, it has often been said that many are happy with their current situations rather than "moving up." Considering family and community obligations Jen Maxfield has, she may be just fine with her current situation as being a reporter and fill in anchor. Time will tell. It seems NBC is never quick to fill the weekend anchor positions.
  7. I read earlier that the 9 pm news on WLNY has rebranded using the CBSN New York name, effective Monday the 8th.
  8. The operation of Fox O&O's are not impacted by the Disney sale. They will continue to be controlled by "New Fox" and the Murdoch family. I'm sure it was a legacy Fox decision on when to change the websites, along with a long overdue Fox5 NY studio. All Fox decisions which Disney has no role in.
  9. Me bad. When I checked the Optimum guide yesterday I thought it said 5 am. Today it says 4:30 am. Still, News4NY is the only local news at 4 am.
  10. The bigger news is who is replacing her. Former NBC O&Os news director Vicki Burns. She was once the ND at NBC New York, later at KNBC. She had been consulting to Tribune. Seems like a serious hire to me and an intent of improving the product.
  11. Same with NY flagship WNYW. 5-10 am.
  12. Sorry, it reminds me of Tegna backgrounds like what was used at KSDK in the am. Just more yellow than KSDK's redish/orange. That station (and station group) is not in the same universe of quality as WNBC.
  13. The question is will this be the permanent background going forward (sorry, very Tegna like) or will they go back to the live shot but with the News 4 New York floating near the bottom? Live shots were used at 4. 5 and 6 tonight.
  14. Simpler to read. Especially when MSNBC ditched the ticker. Trump's preferred L3s would be ones with pictures probably.
  15. Anyone know if she is permanent or freelance. They also had another guy not seen before on over the weekend covering the storm that wasn't. His bio is the works for the network in DC. May have just been filling in as a reporter.
  16. Is she an addition or replacing someone. All four current weather anchors are still on the website. I'm assuming Janice is off this week.
  17. I believe these are attempts by NBC to broaden and reach younger viewers on whatever platforms are available.
  18. Just read Tegna stations are off of Verizon FiOS as of 5 pm yesterday.
  19. She is on vacation. Jen Maxwell was doing the early morning news earlier in the week. Chuck and Natalie are both off as well. Many top anchors take vacation time this time of year.
  20. Sorry, I rarely watch Fox. Who is she?
  21. Good old EWN: If it bleeds, it leads.
  22. Considering the reports of all the other problems during construction in the newsroom, and the strong letter sent yesterday by the union to station management about the conditions, I'm skeptical about the internet outage. If there was this issue, why was there weather and weather graphics during the 10 pm show? Something just doesn't make sense when you put the newsroom issues in the equation,. Fox5 newscasts are dated and tired, often PR sessions for Fox shows and unwatchable. I turned in for a few minutes last night out of curiosity and the product was significantly better than the regular product.
  23. She had also been on News12 New Jersey.
  24. I would assume that WGTV would broadcast shows in their prime national days/times, and WPBA will air them on alternate days. That is what is done in DMA 1, where WNET airs the national schedule, WLIW (owned by WNET) and NJTV (managed by WNET) air them at different times. Considering PBS does not often repeat shows this seems to work.
  25. Why history? Many stations across the country from DMA 1 and down have female chief meterologists, some for many many years.
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