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  1. Isn't this... most things local news does? "New at Six" stingers, news tickers, bugs, sponsored breaking news desks, live reporters in the field where something happened days ago... it's all annoying and unnecessary if you think about it.
  2. This may have been mentioned already but I haven’t seen it before… KMTV has a nice evolution on the Scripps package (7:12 into this clip montage) Are other stations using this look?
  3. WJLA’s new set debuts today You’ve never seen a set like this before. Just kidding… it looks like every other set that’s been built in the last 10 or 15 years.
  4. Yeah, this is pretty terrible. What were they thinking?!
  5. With CMG starting up a graphics hub in Atlanta last year, I guess this is the new group look? Otherwise it doesn’t make a ton of sense to launch something new at WSB if a group look is coming?
  6. Oh great. Now where am I going to find out the latest in vinyl flooring or mortgage rates?
  7. Feels more like an election year cash grab.
  8. Local television news isn’t journalism. It’s a business.
  9. While a refresh was somewhat needed, this feels more like a mockup of a design you'd find on this forum than something worthy of cable news. I mean, it's not bad... but... it's not really all that good either? Of course, I'm commenting having only seen just this one screenshot...
  10. You're confusing the viewers commenting on that video with the members on this site. What is it exactly that you think they are trying that is modern? Your next sentence talks about "modernizing their logo" but they literally copied a logo that was used in Miami in the 80s.
  11. I'll bite. Just had a nice little glass of bourbon, so let's see what we can come up with: When I first started working for TEGNA, I felt like they didn't get enough credit for what they were trying to do. They were investing a ton of money into the brands of these stations and bringing in some interesting people to shake things up on the marketing side. It sounded really exciting and I got sucked into it, leaving a well established market-leading station to jump into this mess. It's no exaggeration to say when I was sitting in the hotel the night before my first day watching WUSA9, I felt immediate regret in my decision and I started working immediately to leave. (It took nearly three years to get out... woof.) When I look back at it all, I think one of the biggest problems is that the news and production folks at these local stations have absolutely no idea how to make good television. Is that really their fault? I don't know. Local news has looked essentially the same since the 1940s. Desk. Chair. Backdrop. Want to shake things up? Have the anchor stand. That backdrop? It's now a monitor. That's about as groundbreaking as these people know what to do. (And that's not just TEGNA, it's an industry-wide issue.) So now you want to revamp your morning show and you bring in a comedian... again, not exactly revolutionary. It's been done. But news leadership is really afraid to lean into this concept, so it's just another straightforward mediocre newscast with a comedian randomly dropped in. The comedian has no one to play off of. Your news anchors and reporters aren't funny, they don't know humor. So you have awkward interactions throughout the show. You blow millions on marketing this 3rd or 4th place show to get folks to "sample" it. Sure, there is a slight spike in ratings - people drop in, have a look, say "what the hell is this?", tune out and never come back. TEGNA would fly in folks from various departments from their stations all around the country every few months for "innovation summits" at their HQ. I got invited to one. A lot of interesting ideas. Absolutely no way to execute it. An idea I had got piloted in Cleveland (of course, I never saw a bonus, not that I expected one ). They flew out the comedian from DC to host it. It was awful. You know why? Your producer who graduated from Elon's school of journalism has absolutely no clue how to make good television. They know how to copy and paste from the wires and re-write stories from the 11p to drop into their AM shows. (Just kidding, that gets copy and pasted as well.) I could go on and on. I haven't even started in on the mediocre general managers with sales backgrounds - that might be an even bigger issue. You think the guy from sales who got the corner office knows how to make good television?? They have an eye for talent? Absolutely not. Local television news isn't dying, it's dead. You're just watching zombies now. Waiting until the next hedge fund comes in to turn the lights off.
  12. The viewers in St. Louis have spoken… they hate the new brand. https://fb.watch/oQ4xwXcG2n/?
  13. That live update open is slick. Love how they kinda echo the ABC Times Square studio exterior.
  14. For what it’s worth, this is actual reported news… not fanboy speculation that I believe that particular forum is for. That said, I’m sure no one on here will be able to resist adding their own ideas.
  15. Is there a site that tracks retrans disputes and how long they go on for?
  16. I think KMBC is the First Alert station in Kansas City
  17. Now if they only hadn’t fired all of their designers who would be able to help build the 3D models to make this thing worthwhile… Nah. I’m sure that weather guy is a pro designer and can really make this thing sing.
  18. Glad to see Matthew Keys out of prison… again… Several station groups have GMs who also serve as regional VPs. I don’t know that this means they are getting rid of that position altogether. Edit: He just updated his bullshit story. Scripps denied the rumors of the layoffs.
  19. Just a total guess but it’s likely they’re also upgrading CG systems at the same time, which takes time to install and test before going on air with. I think they are a mix of Vertigo and Viz and who knows what else, they could be trying to upgrade stations to the same system which makes transferring templates easier.
  20. This actually looks really nice. Kinda reminds me of the GMA look but not as cheap/sloppy. I thought they just relaunched their look but I checked The Other Site and the last redesign was May 2021… so I guess it’s been a few years.
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