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  1. And they incorporated the stars from the city's flag into the graphics.
  2. In addition to transitioning to the CBS News Chicago brand on air, WBBM has returned to the streetside studio after 7 years, along with a KCAL-style set to boot.
  3. WKYC has been using the branding since last week, but the Weather Impact Alert stuff has been used for about the past month or two.
  4. And as of the 19th, KNTV has made the graphics yellow for the morning broadcasts.
  5. According to the photos and the video on the CBS News Colorado website, they went full KCAL with the set. https://www.cbsnews.com/colorado/news/cbs-colorado-news-set-debut-studio/
  6. By the looks of it on that reel, it looks like a mashup of the KCAL set and the former KCBS set.
  7. And within the last year and a half or so, KDKA and WPXI stopped using Chopper 2/Chopper 11, which has left Sky 4 from WTAE as Pittsburgh’s only news helicopter.
  8. I’m watching KTLA’s livestream right now. It’s heartbreaking hearing about this. They’ve had celebrities and fellow entertainment journalists that knew him on the phone to talk and reminisce.
  9. And as of this morning, Velshi has new graphics focused on the letter 'V' and the colors blue, green, and white.
  10. The entirety of this morning’s edition of Sunday Morning was dedicated to Charles.
  11. Given how quickly this rollout is going (4 news departments in a 16 hour period), it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the others get the new graphics over the rest of the week.
  12. And here's a picture of the end of the new open:
  13. More screenshots of the package:
  14. Yeah, with WPXI's current package (in use since 2015) being an evolution of the package from 2007.
  15. I just went to the Action News Jax website to watch the livestream, and yes indeed, they have the new graphics. The font looks like it is Calibre, which Portugal's public broadcaster RTP uses in the logos of its channels.
  16. KDKA has now switched over to the newer ticker on-air.
  17. Programming shenanigans aside, NewsNation launched new lower 3rds and ticker this morning. It’s very flat, with no gradients.
  18. KDKA has the new ticker but only for CBS News Pittsburgh though; as the old ticker still shows up on the tv broadcasts.
  19. Yes. Since they ended Morning Express on HLN, they’ve been simulcasting CNN This Morning.
  20. And the new graphics are reminding me of the 2013 graphics.
  21. Can we get back to talking about the current ABC logo and the new O&O graphics package please? I swear we get carried away by the smallest things in these threads. All I can say about the new O&O package now that we've seen the full package on WLS is... I don't really like the look of the graphics. It's too cluttered for a (somewhat) simple package. Very few packages have successfully shown the 3D look with simple gradients (both the current CBS O&O look and NBC O&O look). The only thing I can give the look credit for is the time, temperature, and current weather conditions ticker in the opens.
  22. KDKA increased the size of the font on the ticker & time/temp so it would be easier to read. I also noticed that WCCO also has gotten the KOVR style ticker too.
  23. Because of tonight's severe weather in Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida; Kelly Costa is live at 10pm ET.
  24. KPIX and KOVR have that type of ticker, whereas KDKA increased the font size on the default time, temp, and ticker.
  25. Kate Bolduan just announced the news on-air.
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