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WAVY is getting a new set.


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Last month, WAVY demolished their former set (debuted back in 2016). They're currently anchoring from a temp set behind a chroma key.

Let me add this tidbit. Their last two sets debuted on July 21 (2008 & 2016). Could this happen for a third time?.....

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2 hours ago, qunewsguy said:

Not quite a "desk in the corner" but close enough. I have to say I liked the previous set a bit better since it fit with the circle motif.



The new set doesn’t look too bad, but I really don’t think the old one needed replacing. It still looked fine to me. I guess they wanted to maximize the use of the space and get rid of the green screen? Just a guess.


The graphics are kind of a mess imo. There are some elements that look ok, and there are some elements that look as if they recycled parts of Linear Drift’s CBS O&O package. There’s no consistent color scheme either; it’s as if they couldn’t decide between turquoise/white and blue/yellow. And those intro graphics look older than the old graphics.

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Graphics are a downgrade from what they had. They're all over the place and look dated (which is saying something, since the previous package was a decade old). Glad they got to keep their longtime news theme!

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