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  1. DW News has debuted new graphics, including a new thumbnail design (getting rid of the old serif font), and lower thirds, which seem to be leaning towards a deeper shade of blue then what the network has used in the past. Intro and in studio graphics are the same but those might change too, will watch over the coming days for any other changes.
  2. HUGE NEWS TODAY. The two presumptive nominees for President have agreed to debate twice. The first will be on June 27th on CNN. This will be the first debate in American history to be before September as well as the first to not be held by the Commission of Presidential Debates, this will be a network EXCLUSIVE. https://www.cnn.com/2024/05/15/politics/joe-biden-debate/index.html
  3. Hello everyone! Been a while since I posted about this but I am here to share our latest episode with you from our school newscast. Before Spring Break, it was our first year anniversary so we celebrated that with a new graphics package which you can see here (which debuted before break) and a new music package that debuted with this episode. All feedback is welcome as always!
  4. Just an observation. For two times today, CNN uploaded some of a newscast (The Lead and OurFront), like they always do, but instead of the CNN logo being where it is in the lower third or being absent all together, it was in the top left corner, faded. Reminds me of how European stations place their bugs (news channel, newscast, or even normal programming. The bottom corners seem to be just a North America thing) and honestly, I like this much better. On air is still the same ol same ol but honestly, if there were to be new graphics in the future, this format could allow for more room text, and just more elegant graphics. Just this idea alone would be something U.S TV has never seen and could be very nice.
  5. I know this isn't New York but remember what happened with Lisa LaFlamme over at CTV? She's only 59 but was let go shortly after she went gray while Lloyd Robertson anchored well into his 80's.
  6. Something going on with Studio A/B's lighting? Honestly, this looks much better!
  7. Ms. Werthmann clearly says it's a temporary set. Bout time is all I'll say until we learn more.
  8. CNN has moved it's remaining Atlanta operations to Techwood, with a brand new set. Honestly refreshing to CNN have a nice set in Atlanta. According to the other site, it was actually supposed to be bigger, with an "upstairs" and taller callings. An AR extension is to follow that will add on to the set with virtual elements that were intended to be part of the original design.
  9. Given my work for our school's program, I 100% understand emphasize this! Some days you just have to improvise and work with what you have while still putting out the best product you can! Just because you didn't have that one wide shot or this newscast is a bit different then the one this time yesterday doesn't degrade the overall product at all! As people have said, it's things people barley notice anyway!
  10. 1 News Newshub at 6 News First at 5:30 Newshub Late Three AM (also effected by the Newshub closure) Decided to share the intros and montages of all of New Zealand's news programs for those unfamiliar with the market. I did not include 1's morning show "Breakfast" as it actually doesn't have an intro.
  11. Definitely, I've always loved their looks, even prior to the current brands launch in 2016. The set is half real/half set extension, with the physical set debuting in 2016. The set was updated (new desk, larger screen, and adding wooden textures) along with the new graphics in October. I wouldn't be mad if CNN adopted these graphics in a way at all. A bit hasty to cancel the operation outright after debuting new graphics and set updates not to long ago.
  12. Huge bombshell out of New Zealand this morning (evening over there) as Warner Brothers Discovery announced proposals to completely SHUTDOWN "Three NewsHub", newsroom, all newscasts (6pm and late), everything, putting up to 300 employees at risk of loosing their jobs. The Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand has called this move a "disaster" for New Zealand's democracy, as it leaves 1News as the only national TV news operation in New Zealand, however the reaction from the rest of the government has been minimal. Also effected is the broadcast on "Sky Open", "News First at 5:30" which is produced by Newshub.
  13. Update on the 11am hour, Wolf Blitzer is anchoring under the "CNN Newsroom" brand, was sort of opening "The Bulletin" would launch but I guess that'll be after Brown returns from maternity leave. Also with it's move to 11am, I guess that means the 3pm hour will remain with News Central for the foreseeable future.
  14. DANG IT! Mainly the format I guess, with NewsCentral using it's sets more interactively then Newsroom does (Giving Newsroom the typical anchor in front of background look, if you want to cut costs Thompson, I think that's an idea looking into!)
  15. Here's hoping the new "CNN Newsroom with Jim Acosta" will have new graphics too instead of the last package pre-News Central or the International look!
  16. Look, before this topic gets put to rest (and let it do so soon), I love both packages and contrary to how we blow over about these things on this forum but your average viewer who knows nothing about station groups and graphics packages could care less on localization of graphics packages, music, the actual graphics, and even the reporting. Sure, something slow and European wouldn't work in Chicago or Philly, and viewers would be more comfortable with the style they know but in the end of the day, it's still going to ring in money and viewership!
  17. Looks similar to the new ABC O&O Live bug
  18. Hello everyone, back with two newscasts. Here is our most recent one, released today, to sort of show we're working off of feedback, @Geoffrey I discovered a way in my editor that actually significantly increases each files' audio, hope it show's in this newscast and future one's as well. And our second to most recent episode, where we interviewed a member of our Board of Education, really proud with how the interview turned out, we used three cameras for that professional look, one camera on the interviewer, one on the guest, and one wide shot for both. Also, just today I updated our YouTube channel with new thumbnails! As always, all feedback, comments, questions, are welcome!
  19. I don't know if I should take that as a compliment or an insult, especially since we're dealing with KSMG here!
  20. Looks like someone loaded it in and it defaulted as calibri! Also, side note, Univision did not even try, it's the NFL Network scorebug!
  21. Using the intro and transitions helps a ton though, hopefully the weather graphics will change in the coming weeks.
  22. If I was a producer at the network, I'd be glad we didn't build that new set after all!
  23. “we will no longer produce morning programming in New York and will be disbanding the team that currently produces CNN This Morning in that city. Our New York-based primetime and weekend programming will continue.” Very interesting quote from CEO Thompson. Didn't "Early Start", pre-COVID actually go till 7am? Also interesting that they are moving John, Sara, and Kate down two times slots. I presume that with Acosta (They are seriously giving this guy a weekday anchoring spot!!) and Brown anchoring 10-12, that "The Bulletin" has been put on pause or canned entirely. Honestly, it'll be interesting to see how "News Central" translates to the network morning time slot, and how it's hard news and "European presenting" style will go against the likes of ABC GMA to Fox and Friends. Wonder if it'll get "softer" with the change. Welcome back to the 7am time slot Kate! The quote though makes me wonder what Thompson's plan is after this place holder. It sadly was just a matter of time for "This Morning". "CNN This New American Morning Day" coming up!
  24. Still using the same weather package and open though.
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