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  1. As soon as she was let go I thought about this. Perfect to bump their morning ratings as they only get 30-45k households watching each morning.
  2. Hearst is almost debt free for not going on a huge M&A frenzy as the rest of the groups. This means free cash flow. While other groups are in debt in the BILLIONS, Hearst sits back with only MILLIONS in debt and are able to do so much more being a private company.
  3. Has a scripps station debuted a new set with the current graphics package?
  4. Money. Money. Money. It all depends which stations are hiring their goals. It has nothing to do with what they need. They have to figure out how to pay for it like an entrepreneur. Each station is their own LLC. I love the set. It’s beautiful. So much better than Gray’s crappy attempt with KCBD.
  5. This will be their flagship. This station will literally be treated like Perry treats NewsNation. First hand knowledge.
  6. It’s for a complete rebrand.
  7. I would combine the operation and just build this one new studio for both. Not going to get any love from this statement. Lol
  8. Naw. I love the pylon LCDs. You can quickly see how the pylon will be used as a screen between the anchors for subject graphics.
  9. Yeah. That is all our faults right there with the “bleed it leads”
  10. Yikes for May Ratings.
  11. Oh. And this one at 4:17 in such a small market. But wow great open sequence. Everything else was trash. Lol
  12. I loved David Hershey’s creative direction of KTVT before corporate powers told him to fall inline. The only problem. KTVT had the best ratings of all time during this time period of these graphics. https://youtu.be/lfIzF180YfU Time stamp 16:36. I knew I wanted to be a creative services director when I saw this open. Seriously.
  13. Good job on the set modifications but those supers…
  14. Of course Rick would get these first. Lol
  15. They were probably still working on the set.
  16. They pulled Glor too soon. They did him dirty. Now with him and his co-anchors being number one on Saturdays has to make management rethink the decision they made that screwed him.
  17. Sorry. Via app notification. I didn’t turn on the tv. I was watching football. Lol
  18. They were also the first to break the news on the possible body.
  19. Monday soft launch. You won’t be disappointed unless you just completely hate Nexstar with no objectivity. Lol
  20. Isn’t it amazing how Nexstar was the latest group to the game for live streaming because the C-Suite could never understand why people would watch on their phones. And then… [NN] not being an OTT product. Just amazes me.
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