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  1. But since the death of NBCSN, USA has become NBC Sports' secondary network, with CNBC becoming overflow when the latter already has sports programming going on. If they want to keep promoting other sports like Premier League and Track and Field than it would be wise to put it on USA. However, it would probably end up on Peacock since that's where they have their SNF post show right now.
  2. CNN only averaged 900,000 viewers in primetime for Super Tuesday, with 938,000 in the marquee 10pm ET hour. Comparing the numbers to all the other channels including broadcast networks, how could CNN, once seen as the election go-to network, end up in the last place, not even passing one million viewers?? https://deadline.com/2024/03/super-tuesday-ratings-fox-news-cnn-msnbc-1235847745/
  3. Same thing for the Dallas Mavericks on WFAA. Edit: Forgot to mention they are also airing the game in Spanish on KSTR (Unimas). Looks like it's just the WFAA feed but with the Spanish announcers over it.
  4. How does the ticker look like for non-O&O stations?
  5. Plus they wouldn’t center the anchors. The third host/anchor would just sit to the side.
  6. TEGNA Station WFAA Teams with the Dallas Mavericks to Broadcast 10 Additional Games Free Over-The-Air
  7. Didn't Diamond already lose like almost half of their broadcasting rights, though?
  8. Looks like they decided to do a YouTube live instead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqxQ0OUOmqI&ab_channel=MSNBC
  9. Looks like FOX Weather is being simulcasted on FOX News Channel.
  10. https://twitter.com/dylanbyers/status/1696690517101449506?s=46
  11. It is unusual for the DFW market considering how all the stations treat the 6pm newscasts as almost their flagship evening newscast.
  12. Special Report updated to new NBC News logo.
  13. Anyone find it a little bit unsettling that News Nation is counting down to the people on the missing submersible’s potential death if they’re even still alive??
  14. I wonder how they'll add the Olympic rings to the bug.
  16. According to TV listings, NBC’s branding of this year’s midterms election coverage will be ‘Decision 2022: The Balance of Power.’ ABC is sticking with ‘Your Voice, Your Vote’. CBS is using the ‘America Decides’ branding again this year. CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC haven’t updated their listings yet.
  17. Lester Holt anchored a special report live from Florida from 12pm ET - 2:30pm ET before tossing to Kate and Aaron.
  18. It’s crazy how CNN and NBC News would be under one.
  19. They could have also put Lilia Luciano. She’s young, she has anchored CBS News streaming shows before and just recently she announced she was now going to be based in New York. She could have competed well against Linsey Davis.
  20. Savannah was off around this time last year too. I remember it vividly cause it was when they were renovating Studio 1A and Craig & Hoda were anchoring from the second floor.
  21. Today, Lester and David were anchoring their respective evening news shows from Brooklyn while Norah stayed in Washington.
  22. Craig Melvin hosted his last MSNBC Reports show today.
  23. What about his show? Who’s going to anchor “The News” tonight?
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