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2022 MLB Season


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2 hours ago, Georgie56 said:

The NBC RSNs have unveiled a new baseball scorebug.




Looks good. The text for the pitcher/batter could stand to be a bit bigger or at least bold. 


I wonder if they made this change to the template in preparation for the next package that we saw at the Super Bowl and are Peacock games going to be using that. I also wonder if the Peacock games will have a similar production set up like they did when NBC had the NHL where games that were played in markets that had an NBC RSN were produced side by side out of the same truck.

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On 4/7/2022 at 12:26 PM, Spring Rubber said:

Gotta love when everyone just runs with the same format because ESPN did it.

Along with even more gambling info 🙄. I know the game's become all about statistics, but some people actually watch the games and don't care about laying money on them.

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Sportsnet has a new scoreboard, but it's basically just the same layout of their previous one updated to look more like the new flatter graphics they introduced at the start of NHL season. Honestly thought it was going to look more like the NHL one but this is serviceable too. The inserts haven't changed, likely because they foreshadowed this look to begin with.


I also noticed Spectrum's got a flatter version of their graphics too.

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Apple TV+ graphics are amazing, I really like the on screen stats and quality of the cameras. TV+ doesn’t allow screen shots so these pictures of my TV will have to do, I really like the simplicity.9CE5004B-E4F5-459D-878F-7B5F87EB6BFC.thumb.jpeg.86c57615bd7e56c87174da13a9592016.jpeg







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1 hour ago, jrogo said:

doesn’t allow screen shots so these pictures of my TV will have to do

Really! I was able to take a screenshot, but I took it on an Android device. It was more noticeably buggy on my Android smartphone than my android tv or MacBook. I wonder if that's gonna be a continuous problem for me and/or with baseball fans who don't use iPhones. 



Edit: by buggy, I mean that the web page I was using kept freezing and it wouldn't let me watch more that 2 minutes before crashing the page. I switched to My MacBook and it was fine until I had an issue with the broadcast itself. I gave up and then tried again on my Android tv with the Astros and Angels game.

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Legendary Toronto Blue Jays PBP Buck Martinez announced on a press release from Sportsnet that he'll step away from the booth due to being diagnosed with cancer and start the process of treatment within the coming weeks.


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1 hour ago, Georgie56 said:

Jason Benetti will be the lead voice of Peacock's Sunday package. They'll borrow one analyst from each team weekly.




Not too surprised, considering he was the lead baseball announcer at the Summer Olympics last year.

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I’m a bit miffed at the idea of yet another streaming service to sign up for and missing my local announcers (full disclosure, I’m a Mets fan,) but Jason Benetti is a class act and the inclusion of some regional analysts is welcome. When it comes to the booth, NBC is already off to a better start than Apple TV IMHO.

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