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I’m not sure I see news as low effort. People do put in work to do their parts and do it well. No one I know in that space dials it in. Are there exceptions? Heck, of course. There’s not an industry where that isn’t true somewhere. But people put in the effort to present content that gets viewers in a world where viewership is ever-more fragmented. But that’s just me. 😀

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Lurking for a minute on this post and decided to throw my change in the bucket:


I think the moment Kate Snow announced prior to launch that Daily wouldn’t be an “opinion show,” I was on board.

It’s very old school CNN Headline News(or OG CBSN with a better budget), something I feel the daypart has desperately needed for about a decade since it opted to slowly phase out of a lineup of serials. I’m one of those “four hours of news” junkies… doesn’t suck for me. It makes the workday go by faster, I catch great health and lifestyle segments, and I’m more curious to research news after hearing their take.


I usually autopilot on streaming at work(or WFH) because it’s softer around the desk than music, I like following any real breaking news that comes up(ex. Mitch McConnell’s freezing spells), and they do a good job of keeping it straight with very little fluff. I think entertainment talk shows and even serials are great, but there’s only so much you can do with those in 2023 and in the case of the serial, the networks aren’t making huge profit margins from shows they don’t own. Local stations are seeing a desert of new syndicated options and aren’t willing to pay high licensing fees for anything that can’t sell ads.


I agree with whoever said the Daily Team should only be in charge of network special reports during those hours. I’m a CBS News guy, so I usually flip to Norah if Lester Holt pops up on my screen.


I have no doubt because of Daily’s success that CW(infrastructure in place thanks to NewsNation and their abundance of local affiliates) and CBS(by shuffling Y&R out of 12/12:30AM if they even keep it past 2024) will want to foray into afternoon news at some point. Let’s hope they’re taking notes from NBC on how to do it right.

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On 12/1/2023 at 1:39 AM, mre29 said:

Lifestyle shows? Home renovation shows? Travel shows? I'm sure NBCU has some of those available in its back catalog.


Even if NBCU has such shows in its back catalog (which is highly doubtful), why would the network and its affiliates want to air years, or perhaps decades, old lifestyles, home, or travel shows? Those types of shows can become dated quickly as trends change. But the real issue is that day and date shows are seen as better performers for broadcast. That's why you see news and sports popping up so much. Scripted shows are moving to streaming because they can get real viewership data and people can watch them whenever they want. 


There's a reason why stations like KTLA and WBTV stay as local as possible. Viewership...and thus ad dollars...are better. Which reminds me of something. Does anyone remember when the late Jim Rogers wanted to take his Intermountain West station KSNV all local outside of NBC network hours? It was 2013 and Rodgers started dumping his syndicated product (Jeopard, Wheel, Judge Judy, Inside Edition, Dr. Phil, and Rachel Ray) in favor of local news.


Here is an interesting article from January 2013. It has some very intriguing insights. Jim was about a decade ahead of his time. 


In regards to adding so many hours of local programming, Jim said, "I want something I can be proud of and, if it’s got to cost me some money,” that’s OK." Unfortunately, he died about 18 months later. The station would ultimately be sold to Sinclair and they immediately started undoing Jim's plan because, as we all know, they are not OK if it's got to come some money. 

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6 minutes ago, EVVTV12 said:

Kate Snow announced this evening she will be leaving “Nightly” Sunday next week to focus more on “Daily.” 

I was nervous when she said "now some personal news," I thought she was leaving NBC News entirely. Glad to here she is commiting to the successful 'noon'-ish newscast.


Her announcement:


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13 hours ago, Glimmer said:

I wonder if this is in advance of the rumors of some affiliates carrying an extra hour of Daily 


There has to be legs to these rumors. Local stations don’t have any real options for syndicated programs in 2024 and if they did, many can’t afford it.


I do wonder: If O&Os and other local stations carry two hours of Daily this fall, how will Nielsen count the show (if each hour will be considered a new viewer similar to how Family Feud/Judge Judy/off-net sitcom reruns are counted or if the hours will be counted as Daily1/Daily2)? If each viewer is counted as a new viewer, then Daily would be on track to claim #1 not only in afternoon news, but would also begin competing (unfairly, but still…) against higher rated network daytime programs for ad dollars, while also creating a huge shift in the afternoon TV landscape. Daily keeps inching closer to The View in the News Demo and 18-49F; that would be a gigantic victory for them to celebrate. 


Also wonder if they’ll move the four hours or expand the live-ish taping schedule for Daily to six. Doesn’t the LA Market and most West Coast stations air the last hour on a delay (from 3PMEST) at 1PM PST or give them an evergreen show that compiles segments in case the last hour has breaking news (similar to what probably happened last week during the Kansas City shooting)? It would seem silly for markets on the west coast to air two hours of taped news when the goal for this show is to be as live as possible, even though everyone runs network morning shows on a delay.

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