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NBC O&O Graphics - 2021 Look S

NBC 5 Chicago

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  • NBC 5 Chicago changed the title to NBC O&O Graphics - 2021

Great update of Look N!!!! It looks very good and, as said, it mixes elements of that look, Look G and the NECN graphics. I wonder if they were planned to debut for the delayed 2020 Olympics, but, honestly, they update their O&O graphics every Olympic cycle.

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33 minutes ago, ref1997 said:

Tough day for WMAQ to launch a new look today given the busy news day of tornado aftermath.

Not really. This change was likely going to occur no matter the circumstances. I hope that with these changes; they abandon swapping out the color blue for red for breaking news coverage.

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This new look cleans up so many of the bulky elements from the 2016 version, so that makes it an automatic upgrade, for me. Better balance of the blue and white elements, while keeping the bare bones structure. And I LOVE the flashes of the peacock colors in certain animations.


Not divert the conversation, but I need to take a personal victory lap, here. During the pandemic, I screwed around with some ideas for a new O&O look, and I love that the NBC designers had some similar ideas to me. I didn't share these with anyone, and I had no prior knowledge to what was going to roll out. I kind of predicted the time/temp realignment (pic #1), though I left in the old, full-width social ticker and only slightly modified the 2016 L3s. I also tried out a look that emphasized the use of the peacock rainbow on a white lower third (#2).





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6 minutes ago, 24994J said:

There is a red breaking variant, but it's way more subtle than the old look, so it's fine.


Sooooo happy its not all red all the time. Very subtle. It would be nice if there was a yellow/orange variant for the morning. 


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With the emphasis on the peacock, I wouldn't be shocked if there were other color variants to come, like one for mornings.


Seeing more of it, I can't stress enough how much better this whole look and sound is for WMAQ.

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